Great business ideas for women entrepreneurs

The best businesses to start from home for women. Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur and want to know the best business ideas for women? If you answered “yes!” to that question, you’ve come to the right place!

One in five businesses with more than $1 million in revenue are women-owned businesses, and as of 2017, these companies had $1.7 trillion in sales. More and more women are looking for new ways to find fulfilling careers, and for many of them, that means being independent and starting their own businesses. Small business ideas for women can be found in this article.

So, if you’re one of them and want to get out of a full-time job for good or just want to make some extra money with a brick and mortar or home business, here’s a list of the best ideas for starting your own business in 2023.

Freelance Photographer

Freelance photographer is a highly sought-after business skill. If you have photography skills or have always wanted to learn how to take pictures, you can easily find work taking pictures for brands all over the world. Low start up business ideas are popular.

Interior Designer

You can start your own interior design business if you have a talent for design. If you always get compliments when someone visits your home, it’s a sign that you have good taste and decorating skills. So take advantage of them and offer interior design consultations, either in person or online.

Yoga Instructor

Pandemic has made it easier than ever to get certified as a yoga or Pilates instructor (you can find certification courses online!), and it’s also increased the demand for home training.

So, if you’re into wellness and have a passion for teaching, becoming a yoga instructor can be a great business idea. You can teach in a studio, start your own private studio, or offer classes online. Creative business ideas are everywhere. The main thing is to find your own.

Jewelry brand

Do you have a passion for jewelry? Always getting compliments on what you’re wearing and can spend hours shopping for the right necklace? Then you might consider starting a jewelry brand. You can take courses and learn how to create jewelry yourself. Or you can take care of just the design and leave the production to the professionals. There are a lot of small business packaging ideas, too.

Personal trainer

If you love fitness and the gym, you can get certified and start working as a personal trainer. In most countries, getting certified is fairly easy, and you can start by recruiting clients through friends and family until you gain regular clients.

A personal trainer’s salary starts at $25 an hour and can reach thousands of dollars depending on clientele and location.


Getting certified as a dietitian may take longer, but it’s a great option if you love food and living a healthy lifestyle. You can find clients through friends and family and work with them in person, or offer online coaching. Good business ideas for small towns is just this one.


If you love fashion, why not start your own styling business? Many people are looking for styling advice, and you can start with free consultations until you build a reputation.

Personal Chef

Personal chefs are becoming increasingly popular in big cities, where busy professionals don’t have time to cook but still want something nutritious and delicious. You can find clients through friends and family, working with people on the ground.