Why was my store blocked on Etsy?

Why was my store blocked on Etsy?

On the Internet, you can find a bunch of different methods of earning money, among which there are often penny books and fraudulent earnings sites. And if a person has definitely decided what he wants to do, be it writing texts or working with graphics, then he will definitely find his place in the sun! For each direction and hobby of a person, you can find your own niche and, accordingly, make money on it.

And now we will talk about one e-commerce and marketplace called “Etsy”.

Introducing Etsy

Etsy is considered an e-commerce site selling handmade items. On the site you can find both tangible (real) products created by hand, and digital (virtual) products.

Knitted toys, clothes, macrame, woodwork, paintings and even furniture are valued from handicrafts. And as for digital products, these are: graphics, templates, covers, cliparts, illustrations and other intangible products.

Various sellers from all over the world sell on the Etsy marketplace! Here you can also find different things over the years, from antique products and interior items to modern works of art. Due to this, this store can be called a foreign Internet flea market.

People living abroad usually buy such goods. But most of the Internet market is bought, of course, by America. Anyone can become a seller on this site, regardless of their country of residence.


Instructions for using the marketplace

The Etsy platform gives everyone the opportunity to open their own store with unique handmade products. On this platform, you can see products divided into 2 categories: tangible and virtual.

If a person has a hobby of woodworking and can create goods from it, then such a seller will need to send a tangible product to the buyer by mail after ordering . If the seller sells a virtual product, for example clipart, then the file can be uploaded to the site and after payment the buyer downloads it.

Many sellers on the platform are engaged in dropshipping business, which makes good money. Building a business sitting on the couch at home is a very real opportunity for everyone! But the site, like all other earning resources, has both positive aspects and huge disadvantages! And now we will find out how reliable the platform is and what to expect from it in reality.

The advantages of the site:

Of the advantages of the Etsy electronic platform, one can single out that that the site works without deception and is an official company. To put it a little more simply, the site is reliable for sellers.

The site itself allows you to place 20-30 listings (products) for free!

And if this is not enough for the seller, then you will have to pay for individual listings! The site also makes it possible to get an additional 40 listings for free by registering using the referral link of one of the existing sellers.

Thanks to this, instead of 20 – 30 listings, the store will have about 60 pieces (that is, converting into goods – 60 product layouts). Etsy’s reach overseas is huge. The site actively advertises products and promotes top sellers.

Using the account settings, you can design a store at your discretion, as well as make promotions and discounts for customers. In general, the site is very popular for selling various products, but the list of cons outweighs the pros.

The decline and cons of the site:

Over the years of its existence, the Etsy Internet platform has been loved by many sellers. But for the period of 2021, the trading platform began to change the rules. Why is this a lot of people ask? And the reasons for freezing and blocking both new and a couple of old accounts are related to the payment system!

Initially, Etsy Corporation made payments between the seller and the buyer using two methods.


  1. The first method to receive money for the seller from the buyer was the PayPal wallet.
  2. Second option to receive cash from sales was a built-in system of the Etsy Payment electronic platform.

Currently, the platform blocks new accounts of those countries that are unable to connect to Etsy Payment due to the region.


Due to such rules, old seller accounts are also frozen and blocked.

But unregistered users The reason for all this punning is that Etsy and PayPal can’t handle refund disputes, and everyone is on their own. side.

Regular sellers from all over the world are suffering because of the conflict between the two American platforms. But Etsy politely sends those sellers and new accounts a letter of further cooperation after the appearance of Etsy Payment in the user’s country.

From all this, we can conclude that the CIS countries will lose access and will not be able to trade on Etsy in the coming years! But among other disadvantages of the Etsy platform, one can also note the inconvenient interface of the seller’s settings panel and the lack of a full-fledged Russian language. The site has a built-in Russian language, but the translation of the pages does not actually work! With such a problem, the auto-translation built into the Google and Yandex browser partially helps out.

There are other minor disadvantages on the Etsy website in the form of paid features and advertising, but this is not as important as losing an account with a ready-made store!


It’s quite possible to earn and get good money on Etsy! But at the moment, cooperation with this platform is highly discouraged!

Anyone can view the site and get to know it better, but only as a third-party user. Perhaps in the near future, Etsy will take its first steps towards sellers.

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