Video production for business: types and types of video marketing

Video production for business: types and types of video marketing

Video marketing is becoming the main channel of interaction with the audience. When viewing the feed on social networks, you probably noticed that 80% of the content is videos. The format helps to advertise new products, demonstrate products from all angles, increase engagement, and so on.

According to statistics, 56% of users prefer to watch short videos on YouTube, movies in online cinemas and other similar platforms than TV. This is a huge segment of consumers who can benefit from the brand’s product. Therefore, video marketing for business is a must have in 2021.


5 statistical facts that prove the effectiveness of video marketing

Shoppers say watching the video helped them make a purchase

Marketers include video marketing in their brand product promotion strategy and increase audience loyalty

B2B and B2C companies are using videos to increase awareness of products and services

More traffic in 2021 will be generated by video

Consumers say they would buy a product if they saw it in action

In the article, we will analyze in more detail what types of video marketing are used and the reasons why it is worth including the tool in a business promotion strategy.

Types of video marketing

Conventionally, brands use three types of video marketing:

  • Informative. Videos of this format contribute to the development of primary demand. They are created mainly for a “cold” audience in order to draw attention to the product and tell in more detail about the advantages of the purchase. The videos use bright and memorable slogans and calls to action.
  • Promoting. The format is used when the brand has a clear positioning in the market. In this case, the video should focus on the benefits of the purchase for the client: how the product solves the problem, what are the differences from analogues, etc. It is appropriate to use video reviews to increase the degree of audience confidence in the company.
  • Inciting or selling. The format is aimed at a “warm” audience that is already interested in the company’s products. These are video reviews of goods, comparisons with similar models. Usually, there is a call to action at the end of the video.

A video marketing strategy should include each of these options. This will allow the brand to promote the product better and faster, working for two audience segments at once – cold and warm.

Which businesses are suitable for video marketing

Video production is a universal tool for all types of businesses. The differences are only in the placement sites and the content of the videos.

For example, social networks are suitable for B2C segment products. The format is rather entertaining, but at the same time informational. Social media users prefer bright and catchy videos up to 60 seconds. Among the video marketing trends in 2021 is the use of 3D product models. But you can create stories if the idea is catchy and can attract the attention of the audience.

For B2B, the main platform for video promotion is YouTube. On the channel, you can publish product reviews, interviews with experts, and video customer reviews. Thus, improving the image of the company. You can also launch online broadcasts on the site to present the release of a new product, answer customer questions, and so on.


The main thing is to find a contractor with a portfolio who can create a catchy video. You can enter in the search engine: “Video production agencies in Moscow” to get acquainted with the prices and portfolio of performers.

9 reasons why you should include video marketing in your company promotion plan

1. Increasing Conversion

Even if the company’s website contains useful and relevant articles, not all users will want to read the materials. It is much easier to launch a video and learn in a minute about the benefits of the product, the benefits for the buyer and the features of operation. In addition, sometimes brands present information that is difficult for the reader to understand. Especially when it comes to modern technologies, technical descriptions of devices and instructions. And so, a person will clearly see and deal with the problem on his own.

Hubspot research data shows that 50% of users watch video reviews before making a purchase. And 53% answered that after watching the videos they became more loyal to the brand that provided the training video.

Depending on the specifics of the products, companies can place:

1. Promo videos

Within minutes, the user is informed how the company’s product helps solve the problem. According to statistics, such materials are viewed twice as often as they read an article with similar content.

2. Video testimonials

It is reviews that can increase the reputation and value of the brand in the market. Text comments are easy to fake, so such content has a couple of percent lower trust level than videos. Videos are almost never fake – this is the main reason why consumers perceive content positively.

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3. Video cases

This content format is informative and will showcase the brand’s product in a positive way. The client gets the impression that he is not buying a pig in a poke, but is collaborating with a company that cares about consumers. The level of loyalty and trust in this case will be a couple of percent higher.

Case on the topic: Promotion of a large food manufacturer “SKIT”

4. Tutorial videos

It should be useful and relevant content for consumers. For example, if a company is engaged in tailoring, then you can create a video with a series of actual spring-autumn bows. Or show how to quickly fix plastic windows. That is, a video instruction that has practical value.

You can draw ideas from the analysis of audience requests in search engines, on forums, on Q&A sites: what are consumers most often looking for? What problems does the audience have when using the products?

Video content is the anchor of the audience’s attention. Content allows you to keep the user, encourages them to buy or contact the manager. Thus, the company increases the level of trust and loyalty of the target audience.

2. Increasing traffic

Video hosting, videos on social networks help to attract more targeted traffic to the site. For example, by posting product reviews, a hardware store can attract customers. Educational videos, life hacks can expand the target audience.

Such content also affects the “cold” consumer, who was not going to buy the company’s product, but after watching the video became interested and decided to test it.


The main thing is to study the interests, needs and pains of the target audience. And also monitor what brand competitors are posting. Which ideas resonate the most with the audience.

Creating videos based on your own preferences is a fundamentally wrong strategy. First, you will drain the budget for creating video content, and the output will be minimal. Secondly, spend time that could be spent productively for business development.

3. Formation of trusting and long-term relationships with the consumer

Videos evoke more emotional response from the audience than text material. No, this does not mean that articles are not needed on the site. Content formats should balance each other in order to stir up interest among the target audience.

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The following video marketing formats can be used to increase brand trust:

  • Create expert videos. In this case, the company not only sells services, but becomes an expert in a particular field. You do not need to share trade secrets to increase the level of trust. You can share effective operating tips, life hacks. For example, if it’s a digital agency, then record a video about the latest trends in SEO.
  • Teach your audience something new. These can be the secrets of setting up device operating modes, video assembly instructions, etc. In addition to increasing consumer loyalty, you relieve the burden on technical support operators.

Content helps increase brand awareness among competitors. If people talk about a company, it means that goods or services are in demand. And you can increase the number of reposts only with the help of useful content.

4. Site ranking improvements in search engines

Post videos on YouTube and other sites using search queries in the description, preferably branded ones. As well as direct links to landing pages of the site. In addition to receiving targeted traffic, the company improves the visibility of the site in search engines. The more useful content a brand has, the better the ranking of the resource in SERP.

Case on the topic: Launching a product to the market: promotion of a cream and a new brand of cosmeceuticals

Conduct an analysis of the audience’s search queries to form a semantic core. It is important to include both high-frequency keywords and long-tail keywords in the text description and headings to attract additional traffic.

5. Growth in the number of loyal customers

A brand-loyal audience is able to provide the company with orders even in a crisis. Therefore, it is critical for brands to work on the number of such customers.

The more useful the content, the more people subscribe to the company’s channels and accounts. Loyal followers repost, comment on content, subscribe to newsletters.

6. Advantage over competitors

In the B2C segment, using video content as a promotion tool is the norm. If the company neglects this, then it will lag behind rivals in the fight for the client. And for B2B companies, this is a step forward. According to statistics, only 30% of brands in this segment use videos to promote products. Therefore, for B2B, video marketing is a free niche that helps to stand out from the competition.

7. Targeted appeal to the target audience

Live broadcasts, videos create the illusion of live communication with another person. In addition, if the content is shot with high quality, then the user understands how much work it cost the company. The brand is responsible for business, trying to interest the consumer. People appreciate it.

An emotional response is evoked from the audience by a video where the author answers user questions. There is an interweaving of live dialogue. Therefore, ask questions to customers on social networks, ask what followers would like to know about, what difficulties the operation of the product causes, and so on. You can also do this during streams.

8. More chances to create viral content

Viral videos explode brand sales. For example, Wren’s viral video “First Kiss” became the top one on YouTube. The video brought additional traffic to the company’s website, increasing sales several times.

The main thing is a catchy idea. You need to play on the feelings and emotions of consumers in order to offer users an exciting storytelling without a hint of sales.

9. Free content promotion is possible

You can register and publish videos on YouTube for free. The same applies to social networks. The more subscribers a channel or account has and the better the content, the higher the engagement and the amount of traffic to the site.

Videos will be promoted through reposts and likes. The greater the reach, the less financial spending will be needed to increase brand awareness.

We hope you enjoyed our article! If you have any questions, you can share them below in the comments or contact the chat on the right to the manager. You will definitely get an answer! Also contact our Reputation Management service and implement video reviews into your marketing strategy.

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