Marketing strategies you can use

Ideas are more important than money. You may not agree with my statement, but reality constantly proves otherwise. There are plenty of examples of how budgets worth millions went to the wind, without even recouping the investment. And, at the same time, you can easily find cases that demonstrate how a hundred dollars + a good idea, providing a great return for the business. Small business marketing usually lie on the surface.

So here’s a selection of easy and inexpensive marketing ideas for small businesses that you should try out. Marketing Ideas for Small Business will be written below in the article.

Offer a discount for a recommendation

“Word of mouth” or recommendations of your services by satisfied customers to their friends and acquaintances is the most effective marketing tool that no advertising can match.

Why not increase their number through a small reward or discount to both those who recommend and the new customers who come by this recommendation?

From what many of you know, examples of such an approach are free rides for friends in Uber, and a discount on the first purchase on a referral link that some online stores offer. Digital Marketing Business is the main one.

Educate your customers

Just selling something and forgetting about your customer is a bad tone, and a behavior that leads to losing in the long run. Especially when it comes to complex and expensive products/services.

The opposite approach: educate your customers by, for example, organizing special events for them, offering customer service, creating useful content. Marketing Tips Small Business is very simple. And they do not always cost frantic money.

You can see the implementation of the last option in practice on the example of our blog, because it was for the purpose of educating your existing and potential customers that we created it.

Find partners in related industries

You can join forces with other business owners who are related to your industry, but are not your direct competitor. This can provide exposure to new audience segments and will definitely have a positive impact on brand awareness. Marketing Materials for Small Business is very affordable.

Examples of such collaborations include:

  • Recommending clients for related services for a percentage of sales;
  • Organization of special events for mutual PR;
  • Outsourcing of non-core tasks for the complex realization of the project, etc.

Work with local media

Unlike large media outlets nationwide, small media outlets always suffer from a lack of infomercials and are always looking for additional sources of funding.

Try to use this to your advantage. For example, you could offer quality content for publications (a report, research, insight or interview), sponsor a series of publications, a report, or an offline event.

Attend industry events

Even small towns have them on a regular basis, let alone major regional centers and metropolitan cities with millions of people. For example, participating in competitions not only draws attention to the brand, but can also help you win various awards, which will be an additional argument for potential customers in the future.

Also, pay attention to various fairs, exhibitions in “expo” format, and other similar events. If we talk about conferences, the greatest return can be obtained by acting as a speaker or by becoming one of the organizers of the event.

Organize your presence in communities

Almost in any niche, there are communities around which people who are interested in a certain topic get together. For example, a construction forum, a club of car owners of a certain brand, a themed Facebook group, etc. Communicating on various topics and answering questions in which you are competent (without direct advertising), you can also draw attention to the company. Online Marketing for Small Business works like a newspaper.

On forums, after a certain number of posts, there is usually an opportunity to put a link to your site in the signature, which almost always helps to get targeted conversions.