Typical business plan structure

Typical business plan structure

Business plan structure is a step by step approach to developing an enterprise. The ability of the business plan to function and expand the organization, especially at the initial stage, depends on how detailed it will be drawn up. Depending on the type of activity, the structure of the business plan may change to meet the requirements of various credit institutions that act as investors in this case.

Content of the business plan:


Here you need to indicate the advantages and prospects of your enterprise, focusing on each of the points, also immediately indicate the amount of the proposed investment in your project and its payback period, you can use indicating various conditions.

Complete information about the company.

Try to pay attention to this item as detailed as possible. Specify the legal form of your enterprise, the place and scope of services in the market for your products.

структура бизнес-плана

Stages of development and results for the current period, advantages of your company over competitors , possible existing problems that hinder development, as well as plans for phased expansion if required.

Type of service and product offered.

Describe the type of product or service you offer to the market. Analyze and focus on how your products differ from those of your competitors. What are your prospects. Attach certification documents. And also attach statistics on how much the market needs this type of service or product.

Advertising and marketing.

Do you use any strategy in promoting your business. How successful is it. What have you achieved and what are your goals for the future? Specify real data, otherwise it will be extremely difficult for you to find investor support. You can specify how flexible your pricing policy is and how it differs from your competitors. Also reflect how much the sales volume increases or decreases after any promotions.

Modernization of the enterprise.

In this paragraph, it is necessary to display what works are planned to be carried out on modernization of equipment, training of personnel, replacement of communications, and every action must be justified, which should affect the improvement of the efficiency of the work process and production.

Leadership and management. h3>

List all management staff with positions and functional responsibilities. You can draw up a diagram that displays the entire staff with their powers, subordinations and tasks.

Possible risks.

Analyze possible risks, and also suggest ways to overcome them overcoming. Indicate which ones you already use and which ones you plan to use after the investment in your business. In addition, it is desirable to draw up a self-insurance program.


Include resumes of all managers, including various departments, as well as their achievements in the position. Long-term contracts, agreements and certificates of conformity of your products or services.

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