Business idea: open a kindergarten at home

Business idea: open a kindergarten at home

In the first case, if you do not dare to create a full-fledged business on this yet, you can simply invite young parents who do not have grandmothers (and there are many of them today!) to sit and work out with their children. Moreover, if you have your own children, you don’t need to invent anything new at all – the children will just play or take a walk together.

You only need to feed them and look after them. Many will be interested if you also offer to pick up their child from kindergarten in order to sit with him until his parents return from work. Indeed, for many, the working day ends much later than the time at which it is necessary to pick up the child from the kindergarten.

Such a service may well be not selfish – after all, you spend your time, effort and money on someone else’s child, and this, of course must be compensated somehow. Of course, you should not expect serious enrichment at the same time, but if you have several acquaintances who agree to entrust their child to you, it is quite possible to receive a total income commensurate with the average monthly salary.

The second method promises much higher income, but requires initial costs and obtaining the necessary permits if you decide to open your own home kindergarten.

Home kindergarten space

If you do not have a suitable room in mind yet, go to the local administration. There you will not only be explained all the further steps to open, but, perhaps, they will help you choose a room for a kindergarten from your fund.
After all, this is a socially significant business.


Just don’t forget to demand a long-term contract (for 10 years) for insurance, so that the premises equipped and repaired at your expense will not soon migrate to someone else.

The premises must comply with the requirements of the State Building Code, as well as sanitary standards, which you will be instructed in the necessary authorities.

It is troublesome to transfer an apartment for a home kindergarten to a non-residential fund, and various troubles can happen to neighbors. But a private house located in a quiet green area with its own courtyard or renting a premise for a kindergarten in an already functioning institution (club, Housing Office, House of Children’s Creativity) will be a more preferable option.

Necessary documents for opening a home kindergarten

Having acquired the basic documents – a certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur and a lease agreement for the necessary premises, you can notify your SES kindergarten, find out all the necessary requirements and start equipping your kindergarten. And, of course, experienced employees with diplomas and health books will definitely be needed.


“Personnel decides everything!”. In the case of a beginner home kindergarten, this phrase is more relevant than ever. Parents of your pupils and all supervisory authorities will first of all pay attention to the qualifications of your employees. solving additional activities with children, such as music or learning foreign languages. All staff must have health records and regularly undergo medical examinations.

Arrangement and organization of the work of the kindergarten

What repair needs to be done will tell you the condition of your premises. After the repair, it will need to be equipped with everything necessary for functioning: comfortable furniture, exercise corners, a good assortment of educational games, kitchen appliances and utensils, a washing machine, etc. It will also be necessary to equip a playground for outdoor games.
It is necessary to think over high-quality food for your future pupils and conclude contracts with reliable suppliers for the supply of necessary products.

Where to get clients

Demand for kindergartens is obvious today, so it’s not a long time to look for clients have to. Post messages on the Internet on popular city forums, local bulletin boards, or just start a rumor by walking around the nearby squares where young mothers walk with prams and older children. There will be no end to those who wish very soon.

And then everything will depend on well-organized work with children. With good reviews from satisfied parents, your home kindergarten will develop rapidly.

Of course, there is a lot of trouble, but this is a very necessary and responsible thing.

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