The best films about business and motivation

The best films about business and motivation

I want you to make the most of your own. I want you to paint yourself into a corner. Leave yourself no other choice – only success. May you have no other choice but success.

c / f The Wolf of Wall Street

Lord of War (2005)
. Yuri Orlov, an arms dealer. He has a task – to make sure that everyone on the planet has his brand of weapons. Business is business!

“The first rule of an arms dealer is don’t get shot with your own wares.” Having reached incredible heights in his business, the arms dealer suddenly faces a completely unexpected enemy – his own conscience. Moreover, an Interpol agent sits on his “tail”. But it’s not easy to leave a glamorous world full of girls and guns when no one wants you to stop, not even your enemies…

Лучшие фильмы про бизнес

Wall Street (1987)
Wall Street has always been a good film, with the determined and arrogant Douglas attracting attention. He kidnapped, surprised, everything was cool. Michael Douglas is convincing in his ruthlessness.


One of the most iconic films of 1987. Oliver Stone managed to shoot a real masterpiece of crime drama. The director attracted wonderful actors Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas to the shooting. The film describes the events taking place in the global financial market from the point of view of those people who turn over millions of their clients. The picture perfectly shows the evil that globalization brings us, and how one person is able to destroy what was built by hundreds.

A few words about the plot of the picture. Bud Fox is an ambitious young broker. He lives in the heart of the global metropolis, and works in the financial heart of the world on Wall Street. The guy is used to measuring everything with money, he understands that everything can be bought for them, the main thing is to have more of them, which is what he strives for. In search of furthering his career, he crosses paths with the old bigwig of this industry, Gordon Gekko. It is this financial predator that helps Fox succeed and get rich.

The Man Who Changed Everything (2011)
The film shows that anyone can create a team if they want to. This is a kind of tribute to coaches who are used to trying and achieving success. Plus well-played roles by Brad Pitt and Hill. A movie that you can return to more than once.

Человек, который изменил всё

The plot of the film tells the real story of the Oakland Athletics baseball team and its general manager Billy Beene. As soon as the team achieves something, the best players are immediately bought out. And from what to build a new team, because there is no money at all. And the global market is in crisis. Bean comes up with a new unique matchmaking system and starts making huge money from it.

In this he is helped by analyst Peter Brand, with the help of which they began to pay attention not to star players, but to really useful baseball players in every match. Based on psychological and analytical analysis, the manager buys only three players, and it is they who allow the club to become a formidable new force in the American baseball league.

Wall Street: money does not sleep (2010)
Excellent cast, interesting concept. Exposing human weaknesses and the limits of humiliation in order to achieve their goals. In a nutshell, an interesting movie.

Уолл-стрит: деньги не спят

The plot of the film “Wall Street: Money never sleeps”.: Gordon Gekko is a financial genius we know from the first part of the film After serving his sentence, he is released from prison. He’s at a crossroads. His methods of doing business are outdated. Reputation is tarnished. But the flair and passion for financial scams is innate. The family is also in disarray. The only daughter does not want to hear about her father. She blames him for her brother’s suicide, and crossed her own father out of her life. This is where the young broker Jacob Moore comes in. It is he who is destined to help Gekko return to the world’s financial tycoons. And also to improve the relationship between father and daughter. For this, Gordon Gecko helps a young financial genius get to the top

Too Big to Fail (2011)
HBO decided to film something from themselves about the scams of failed investment banks. And although this movie is not for everyone, it is worth watching for some cool scenes and star actors. Everything is done at a high level.

Liar, Great and Terrible (2017)
Liar, Great and Terrible is an example of a clear and thoughtful cinematography. Good story, although some things could be done better. De Niro, as usual, on top.

Risk Limit (2011)
Another film about business, which is largely related to human morality. An outstanding cast, a characteristic dense atmosphere that intrigues more and more every minute.

The Social Network (2010)
A very interesting story about one of the youngest, most influential people 21st century. A controversial figure, the most recognizable social network and one of its creators in the title role – this film, even after years, is of considerable interest. And it is quite justified why.

Vicious Passion (2012)
Apparently, women, like wine, do not grow old, but grow up. Similarly, Richard Gere, despite the already mature appearance, charisma is not inferior, although the years fly by. A light thriller, a drama and a game for big money.

The Insiders (2010)
It’s time for a documentary. The film is about the explosion of the Great Crisis of 2008. The film seeks to clearly show the causes, course and consequences of the market collapse. The film perfectly illustrates what human greed can lead to.

The Goodfellas (1990)
I don’t think anyone in cinema talks better about dirty business than Martin Scorsese . The Goodfellas takes us into the brutal world of the Italian mafia. Scouts, drugs, murder and money laundering are the daily bread of protagonist Henry Hill and his comrades. How long can they save lives and dangerous business? If you haven’t watched it yet, you should take a look!

Founder (2016)
Dear reader, answer the question: how often do you eat at McDonald’s? According to statistics, about 7 million hamburgers are eaten in this fast food giant every day! Whose merit is this? The film “Founder” answers this question. He tells a rather nasty story about the founders of a restaurant and some dealer who will stop at nothing to take over their business.

The Big Short (2015)
I find the film outstanding, thoughtful and somewhat complex. The script was the basis for the great roles of Bale and Pharrell, Pitt also did his job. The director shows the problem transparently, fills the viewer with a pleasant story. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, please fill this gap as soon as possible.

Oil (2007)
Daniel Day-Lewis can do a great job, which he showed in this the work of Paul Thomas Anderson. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, California. People are discovering liquid black gold – oil. It turns out that this mixture of high amounts of hydrocarbons and many other compounds can push a person to many bad things …

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
Leonardo DiCaprio boldly portrays Jordan Belfort, a notorious stockbroker who became a master of corruption and tax embezzlement. Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most interesting business films of the last decade!

ТОП лучших фильмов про бизнес 2020

Pirates of Silicon Valley

The story of the world’s conquest by computer geniuses – Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The revolution happened when no one expected it. It all started at the dawn of the eighties, in a small back room where two unknown programmers invented and fantasized.


A documentary about how large corporations control our minds. There are rules and patterns for the birth and development of corporations, and, of course, the mechanisms of influence on public consciousness have been worked out to the smallest detail. Would we, being of sound mind and pure memory, buy completely unnecessary goods, paying too much for them?


business” on the example of American brokerage scammers. For the sake of money, you should forget about everything. You can lie, cheat and destroy people if you decide to get rich. Forget about the past and don’t think about the future – live one day and you will have a real chance of having a millionth bank account, the most luxurious cars, huge houses in which you can get lost.



Don Ready has a sin that sometimes prevents him from turning to his full potential. But he can pull the company out of a severe crisis, because he is a true professional. Don caught fire with the idea to sell 200 cars on Independence Day. A subtle understanding of psychology and ingenuity help to make money out of thin air.

Mr. Selfridge (TV series)

In the 19th century. Harry Gordon Selfridge said the phrase: “The customer is always right” – and now this is the slogan under which any business should develop. An innovative businessman who arrived in London in 1906 realized that there were no worthy shopping centers in the city. He opened his first store in 1909, then there were ups and downs, but the Selfridges chain still exists.

99 francs

This film is an exposure of the ins and outs of the advertising industry. See what life looks like after processing in Photoshop. Octave is a talented advertiser, and he doesn’t care about people and their feelings. He himself had long lost the ability to feel because of drugs. The main character says: “We always have blue skies and beautiful girls. Let the viewer see bright colors – and he will want to be like you in everything. The cynical and narcissistic Octave is not the most pleasant character, but the advertising industry is not a forget-me-not lawn.

Generation П

The film is based on the famous novel by Viktor Pelevin. The main character, copywriter Vavilen Tatarsky, goes through a stage of personal growth in order to turn into the avatar of the husband of the goddess Ishtar in the final. The plot is twisted and not subject to retelling. The director decided to somewhat narrow the scope of Pelevin’s masterpiece, and concentrated on conspiracy theories. It turned out to be a good movie.

Billionaire. Top’s Secret (Billion Dollar Teenager)

Sixteen-year-old Top drove his own car to school, bought with money he earned from online games. Soon he opened his own business and traded in chestnuts. And then life gave an unpleasant surprise.

The film is based on a real story. Top is an adventurous young man who is not taken seriously, mainly because of his age. Adults are sure that he needs to continue his education. But Top only wants to do business. He goes through all the usual mistakes that accompany startups and gets into debt, but still manages to become a billionaire.

Jerry Maguire

The touching story of the talented Jerry Maguire won many hearts. The success of the picture was ensured by the unsurpassed work of the cinematographer Janusz Kaminsky and the excellent acting of the actors. This film is one of the best in world cinema, it had five Oscar nominations and an incredible box office worldwide.

The ascent to success almost always begins with troubles that force you to look for a special path. It happened to Jerry Maguire too. He was fired, and he decided not to let anyone else control his fate. Jerry is confident in his abilities and he has a goal, but the world is not only made up of friends. You can’t give up, because there may not be a second chance to rise.

The Aviator

A film-biography of the inventor and founder of the largest aviation corporation, Howard Hughes. The Aviator is Martin Scorsese’s most controversial creation. The film was nominated for eleven Oscars, a director’s record. But critics did not like the picture, because it seemed too long.


In the early nineties, Russia was moving towards market relations. The bulk of the people were at a loss: the notorious stability that guaranteed a semi-impoverished state ended, new opportunities opened up, but no one knew what to do with them. Dozens of talented swindlers and impostors flourished on this fertile ground.

Sergei Mavrodi is an ambiguous and widely known personality. The book on which the film is based belongs to his pen. This story with the main character Sergey Mamontov describes the difficulties of creating and the history of the deafening collapse of MMM. Mamontov’s daring plan was backed up by a powerful advertising campaign and the issuance of his own securities. 20,000,000 people were involved in the pyramid.

House of Cards

Politics is dirty, but that doesn’t mean its lessons should be ignored. Francis Underwood and his wife Claire show us an example of predators walking over heads and not shunning anything. And they definitely have a lot to learn, even if you want to stay on the side of the world.

The series has already inspired me to two articles: “10 Business Lessons from Francis Underwood” and “3 Leadership Lessons from Card house”, and today’s post is the result of another inspiration by him.


Joy Mangano is an ordinary woman who lives in Long Island . She is single and is a single mother of three. Joy has been an inventor since childhood: she created simple but useful things that could help people in everyday life, but for the time being her inventions were not recognized or appreciated. Joy’s difficult life changes dramatically after she creates a self-wringing wonder mop designed to help housewives. A woman is selling these mops, and very soon…


Late nineties drama , conceived for a wide audience, but fell into the narrow category of “for those who are in the know.” The son of the cult English director Basil Dearden filmed the then-relevant story of Neil Leeson, who provoked the collapse of one of the oldest and most respected British banks, Barings.

Harlots (2017)
In the 18th century in enlightened London there were so many representatives of the most ancient profession that the competition between them sometimes took very cruel and sophisticated methods. Anything that could promote the sex business and help earn a few extra shillings was used. Margaret Wells knows this firsthand. The owner of a prestigious brothel, she herself is not averse to earning some money, and selling the virginity of her own daughters is not just money, it is super profit, which you can get …

Like a boss (2020)
Close friends Mel Carter and Mia Paige live happily ever after. Once upon a time, the girls founded a cosmetics company, which began to generate a steady income. However, over time, Mel and Mia accumulated a large amount of debt, which they were unable to pay off. Now they are bankrupt in less than five minutes, and only a miracle can save their company. Fortunately, the “shark” of the cosmetics business, Claire Luna, is interested in the company of girls. She offers to buy out the company, but also gets Mel into her head

Desperate Housewife (2010)
Robert Pujol is the head of the umbrella factory, his wife Suzanne is the keeper of the hearth. Suzanne is well aware that her husband has a mistress, but in order to maintain good relations in the family, she does not tell her children about their father’s infidelities. One day, the strikes of factory workers bring Monsieur Pujol to a hospital bed. Suzanne is appointed interim director and proves to be a very effective manager. Things at the factory start to go uphill, and in the personal life of Madame Pujol

A noble woman (2014)
Nessa Stein lost her father early, she inherited an unusual business from him . The woman decided to continue the arms trade. Its main goal was to improve relations between Palestine and Israel. The conflict between the two territories was very violent. With her activities, she interfered with many, her actions caused a series of strange events. Soon, one businessman was killed, who was spinning in the same area as Nessa. Special services suspected her of this crime and began surveillance. Nesse

Girls don’t give up (2017)
This series is a Russian response to the famous American “Sex and the City”. The main characters are several friends who dream of finding their long-awaited happiness. Girls meet guys, raise children, fall in love and get disappointed, and also get into various comical situations throughout the serial film. They are in constant search, but sometimes they themselves do not realize that their happiness is much closer

Tony Erdmann (2016)
Former music teacher Winfred, despite his considerable age, does not lose optimism. His daughter Ines is a real careerist who sacrifices her personal life for the sake of work. Winfred believes that she lives wrong and because of this, they have disagreements. Realizing that her daughter is not going to change anything in her life, Winfred decides to take a desperate step. He changes his appearance and comes to the company where his daughter works, posing as a business consultant. He hopes to get closer to his daughter

Secret File (2017)
The film tells the story of two prominent American journalists, Caryn Graham of The Washington Post and her fellow editor at named after Ben Bradley. They decide to start a competition to see who can uncover the most shocking state secrets that have been hidden by the security services, as well as the government, for many decades. However, after a while, they still have to rally and risk everything in order to find out the most incredible secrets that have been hiding for so long

Peaky Blinders (2013)
The action of the series takes place in Birmingham in the years after the First World War. The Shelby brothers return from the war and soon organize the Peaky Blinders gang. The gang got this name because the members of the group wore Manchester-style clothes, and sharp blades were sewn into their caps, characteristic of this style. Thomas Shelby, who has become a gang leader, is trying to legalize his business, while honest policeman Chester Campbell, who has recently entered the service

Mr. Selfridge (2013)
In the early XX century, businessman Harry Selfridge comes to London. He quickly realizes that the trading industry in England is in need of a major transformation and knows how to fix it and how to capitalize on it. To do this, a few years later he opens his first shopping center in London. This was the beginning of Selfridge’s business career in the trading industry. The next thirty years – from 1909 to 1939 – will be filled with both ups and downs

Power in the Night City (2014)
James St. Patrick – successful and wealthy owner of the New York nightclub Pravda. His establishment is popular with party-goers, Pravda’s regulars are many influential people, and James himself is happy not only at work, but also at home, where his beloved wife Tasha and the kids Tarik and Raina are waiting for him. Few people know that behind all this lies another guise – a drug dealer nicknamed “Ghost”, seeking to take a place in the criminal elite of New York. One day a double life pesters James

Silicon Valley (2014)
A story about talented geeks developing extraordinary technological projects. The abilities of the guys were needed by the influential businessman Erlich Bachmann, and he provided his mansion at the full disposal of specialists. Bachman fully provides the guys with everything they need not only for work, but also for life, and in return, computer scientists are obliged to give him 10% of the profits of each successful project. Favorable conditions and a pleasant working environment attracted scientists, and they began to pore over the creation

Jobs: Empire of Seduction (2013)
Probably there is no person in the world who has never I would have heard the name of Steve Jobs. This computer genius managed to do a lot in his life, but some facts of his life are still shrouded in a mysterious fog. Jobs wanted every person’s home to have a computer as one of the most necessary things for a person. Steve Jobs was an interesting and multifaceted personality. The film reveals some of the facts of his biography from the very beginning of the idea of ​​Apple computers.

Lillehammer (2012)
New York mafia businessman Frank “The Trickster” Tagliano “tricked” the feds on his boss, and is now forced to flee the country. Frank is saved by such a widespread operation in the United States as the witness protection program, in which he moves to the small town of Lillehammer, in Norway. An experienced mafioso dreams of finally moving away from criminal deeds and enjoying all the delights of a simple life. However, this life is not as welcoming as Frank imagined. Even in distant Norway

Bullhead (2011)
Jackie Vanmarsenil is a cattle breeder and meat dealer. He himself looks like a bull: huge, overweight, with a large muscle mass. But as a child, Jackie experienced a severe trauma that changed his whole life: even now, unable to recover from the injury, he takes drugs containing testosterone. One day, his pastoral activity introduces him to criminals who sell illegal growth hormones to beef dealers and spend other dirty ones

Blackpool (2004)
In good old Blackpool, he dreams of turning around and healing on a grand scale risky and enterprising Ripley Holden. He owns a slot machine business that he wants to expand and promote. Ideally, Holden wants to build a huge casino that will be the envy of Las Vegas. The project requires large investments and accommodating investors. However, Ripley’s plans and reputation hang in the balance when a murder is committed at his establishment. The case is investigated by the ambitious and caustic detective Peter

Deadwood (2004)
The year is 1876. There is a small town in South Dakota called Deadwood. This city is unremarkable and is the most terrible place. All the criminals in America come here. Corruption and crime are so firmly established in the everyday life of the city that no one pays attention to it. And murder and theft are accepted as everyday life, and attract much less influence than perky dancing girls

Breaking Bad (2008)
Walter White is a chemistry teacher at an American school who one day finds out that he has lung cancer, which means he doesn’t have much time left to live. He has no money for the operation, nor to provide for the family after his death, so he is trying to find a solution to the financial issue. Fortunately, life brings him into contact with his former student, Jesse Pinkman, who has taken up the production of methamphetamine. Walter White decided that this was an easy way to make money quickly, especially since he has excellent knowledge of chemistry

Boardwalk Empire (2010)
1920s Atlantic City greets its day as a result of Prohibition. Many are unhappy with the new rules. Alcohol trade is illegal, and you can get a lot of money from it. Enoch Thompson wants to hit the big jackpot. He was just a gangster with very good connections at the very top. He can carry out his plan if it was an idea that also came to the mind of an influential mafia.

Risk limit ( 2011)

An employee of one of the largest investment banks receives a stunning forecast – stocks will fall, the market will collapse, the bank will lose everything. The next morning, he is made redundant and passes a flash drive with dangerous information to his former assistant before leaving. By evening, the bank’s best analysts, having checked these calculations, realized the terrible prospect. Now they are faced with a choice: start an emergency stock dump, which will leave large shareholders around the world and millions of ordinary investors with nothing, or wait for developments, which is fraught with the loss of everything.

Human who changed everything (2011)
The story of the general manager of the Oakland baseball team, Billy Beane. In the name of saving the team, he finds a unique and mathematically proven solution: he starts buying “inexpensive” baseball players, each of whom is only good in one parameter, and builds a dream-team out of them. The name of the film speaks for itself: do not be afraid to be a pioneer and change the rules of the game. Even with a minimum of resources, you can always find an effective solution to the problem.

Intermediaries (2009)
The plot is based on the biography of Christopher Mallick, the founder of the billing system for paying for porn sites. In parallel, the viewer gets acquainted with Jack Harrison, an exemplary family man and an exemplary father, who gets a job as a manager in the hero’s company. An unprepared Jack faces a world of con artists, terrorists, nymphomaniacs and FBI agents. The secret of the film’s value lies in its title: it is an excellent guide to negotiation and the ability to resolve conflicts between people with different interests.

The Social Network (2010)
A film about the fate of Mark Zuckerberg, who is now known throughout the world as the founder of the largest social network Facebook. This is a success story of a young guy based on real events. The tape should definitely be watched by those who want to promote their own project on the network, but are not sure of their own strengths and capabilities. You will find out how much the startup’s success cost and the price he paid for it.

Joy (2015)
The story is based on the true story of Ingenious Designs founder Joy Mangano, who invented the self-wringing mop. Despite financial difficulties, family troubles and betrayal, Joy does not stop believing in his entrepreneurial potential. Her main dream – to escape from the routine and achieve a calling – turns an ordinary girl into the founder of a huge business dynasty. The film shows how important it is not to give up on the implementation of your business idea, no matter what the difficulties.

Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)
Released more than two decades ago the film shows the vicious world of real estate dealers fighting for clients. This is a good example of how to sell your product and what factors to consider on the path to success. One of the most revealing business cases in the film is the speech of the manager Alec Baldwin, who came to BMW to raise the morale of employees at a time of crisis.

Billionaire. Top’s Secret (2011)
This film proves that success is not a miracle, but the result of our perseverance. You will make sure that there is always a way out, and a choice too. The movie will be about a Thai teenager who became a billionaire against everything, even common sense. Business for Top is everything, and despite the difficult trials, falls and debts, the young guy finds the strength to act honestly, wisely and flexibly. By the way, the film is based on real events.

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)
This is a true story about a salesman who dreams of becoming a stockbroker, about the father of a little boy who is ready to do everything to stay together with the child. “The Pursuit of Happyness” will tell you how not to give up, even when it seems that nothing will come of it. This movie is worth watching to remind yourself that it takes a strong belief in success to achieve your goals. Always, in any circumstances, keep moving forward!

5 Series for Entrepreneurs


A Series for Entrepreneurs who loves the theme of big money, wealth and luxurious lifestyle. The confrontation between a dishonest but charismatic financier and a federal prosecutor – principled, but with his own twists. The show has everything I love: billions, big houses, New York and cool cars.


At the dawn of the 80s , IBM Corporation introduced a new product – the IBM PC. One of the employees who took part in the development decides to create his own computer – a portable version.
The series shows the confrontation between a young team of dreamers who dream of the next scientific breakthrough and the giant of the industry – IBM. The spirit of innovation opposes the bureaucracy that controls entire industries.


A drama about the American political scene teaches that by pulling the right strings and manifesting resourcefulness, you can achieve anything. It stars Kevin Spacey as politician Frank Underwood.


A definite favorite for many people familiar with the startup scene. After the release, each episode was sorted into memes, and the actors playing the main characters were even invited to real IT conferences. In addition to being a hysterically funny series, it also illustrates the different stages of a startup in a very believable way.

Force Majeure

Running after a failed sales attempt drug addict, self-taught lawyer Mike Ross, posing as a Harvard graduate, is interviewed by one of New York City’s top transaction lawyers, Harvey Specter. Harvey takes a risk and hires Mike: the guy has an innate talent and photographic memory. Thus, one of the most controversial, but at the same time, the most brilliant legal tandems in Manhattan is born.

Best Selling Feature Films

Did you know that you can improve your sales skills in a very unusual and interesting way – by watching movies? Let’s watch together!


A masterpiece that every salesman and businessman should see. The motivational speech of the hero Ben Affleck from this picture is analyzed at sales trainings. But still, this film is about how NOT to sell.

“12 Angry Men”

This old picture will show you the art of persuasion in action. You will surely be able to use this skill in sales.

Death of a Salesman

This is one of three adaptations of Arthur Miller’s play of the same name. An elderly salesman is losing faith in himself and in his profession. He has no strength to live on. The film makes you think about the cruelty of a society in which it is difficult to survive without selling yourself.

Fire Tommy

A film about a guy who can’t sell. But he has no choice, so Tommy steps over his fears and learns as he goes. This film is also about the sudden end of childhood.

“Glenganry Glen Ross”

A story about sales and rivalry. The film is notable for its stellar cast. The film starred Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey, Alec Baldwin and other good actors.

“Love and other drugs”

A film about money and success is not the main thing in life. Only those who understand this can become a good seller. By the way, the picture shows the ins and outs of the pharmaceutical business.

“Seize the Day”

Even good salesmen have unsuccessful periods in life. How not to break when the whole world is against you? The hero of Robin Williams is looking for an answer to this question.

“The Seller”

If you have a good tongue, you can sell sand in the desert. What will you buy with the money you earn? Another film about a reckless salesman who sells used cars.

“Boy, you got it”

If a person came to a car dealership, it means that he wants to buy car. Even if he says that he has no money, he just went to look, and in the next salon you can buy a car cheaper. Do not miss the client, use his objections to close the deal. Do you want to learn how to work like this? Watch the movie.

“The Wolf of Wall Street”

The hero Leonardo DiCaprio goes from a petty clerk to a bigwig in the financial world. He knows how to attract attention, convince people and sell them his product. Is this enough for happiness?

“It can’t be”

The good old Soviet cinema will teach you to sell even illiquid goods. And watching the film will definitely improve your mood, because the picture is based on the works of Mikhail Zoshchenko.

“A Thousand Words”

A funny comedy with Eddie Murphy in the title role . He plays a salesman who persuades any person. A chance meeting changes the hero’s life. He learns to value words.

This film has another name – “Tail Wags the Dog”, and this name is more appropriate, we think. The main lesson that you will learn from this film is that a person can be made to believe anything, divert his attention from important events and, in general, make him think the way you want. The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
Many advanced teachers advise students to watch this movie as a guide to product placement. If you haven’t noticed product placement in films, TV shows and so on before, then after this film you will fall ill with brands and start seeing them everywhere.

99 francs
Octave has no equal in the universe: after all, he is engaged in advertising! It is he who decides what you want tomorrow. For him, “a person is the same product as everyone else.” Octave works in the largest advertising agency. He has a lot of money, women and cocaine, but, nevertheless, he is tormented by doubts. Two things radically change the life of Octave: a romance with Sophie, the most beautiful employee of the agency, and a meeting in the giant Madon dairy concern about a commercial. Octave goes off the rails and decides to rebel against the system that gave birth to him by sabotaging his own advertising campaign.

Smoking here
What could be more difficult than promoting something against is most of the people coming? Everyone knows how smoking is detrimental to health, but the hero of this film is trying to convince society of the exact opposite. This film will teach you not to give up and go ahead.

What women want
A funny and kind comedy carries a valuable lesson – an advertiser must know the target audience thoroughly in order to create effective advertising . And if for this you need to go to extreme measures, then the advertiser should do it.

Generation P
Of course, Pelevin is better to read than to watch, but the film turned out very even fit. “Generation P” will tell you about the world of advertising in Russia in the 90s, which is very useful for the overall development. The side effect is that you will think very hard about everything that is happening around you.

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