Ideas for making money for a student

Ideas for making money for a student

School students are reluctant to hire. Minors cannot do the same amount of work that an adult can do. Yes, and from the side of the legislation, completely different rules apply to minors. But, nevertheless, a huge number of schoolchildren are looking for ideas for earning money during the holidays.

Is it really so difficult for a young man or young girl to find a paid lesson? You can actually find a job! One has only to pay attention to such vacancies that do not require special education. We will talk about these ten ideas for making money for a schoolchild in this article!

Идеи для заработка школьнику
Ideas for schoolchildren to make money

Giveaway leaflets and invitations

First of all, a school-age child should pay attention to the vacancy of a distributor of leaflets and invitations. Most often, such work involves a free schedule. You have to work outdoors. So the student is not very tired.

In a couple of hours, it is quite possible to earn some pocket money. But if you work six hours, you can get quite a significant reward. Even by the standards of an adult!

Post up ads

This option for earning money for a schoolboy is quite similar to distributing leaflets. But in the case of posting ads, he will have to run. Payment is based on quantity. Most often, a student is allocated a certain area or specific houses. It is worth asking the employer about providing the gluer with glue. Indeed, quite often the customer does not buy it.

In this case, the student will have to purchase glue at his own expense. And this is an additional cost!

Selling fruits and vegetables

A pleasant summer trip to the village can be turned into a rather profitable a business. After all, fruits and vegetables grow in the country. If there is a surplus, it can be profitably sold. At the same time, you don’t even have to engage in sales in the classical sense of the word. Surely, after all, a young person has friends and acquaintances who may be interested in such a product.

More often older people buy fruits and vegetables. So the parents of your best friend may well become your clients in the future.

Walking dogs

Such an option for earning money is more suitable for those students who live in big cities, since it is in megacities that this service is most common. There are even special resources where you can offer your services or respond to a customer’s request. Such work is paid quite high.

After all, those people who pay for such a service are quite often busy individuals. So they have money! So you should take this type of income into service!

Sale of game accounts

A rather unusual way to earn money. However, the sale of gaming accounts is becoming more common among teenagers. Why it happens? Because quite a few people don’t want to spend their own time leveling up a playable character. So, they are ready to pay money for a ready-made profile with a high rating.

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So you can combine a pleasant pastime with a useful material result. All you need to do is play your favorite game, and after achieving high results, place an ad for the sale of a game account.

Selling a photo

If a teenager has a high-quality camera , you can try to exhibit your work on photo exchanges. Similar exchanges are also called photo stocks. These resources have certain rules that allow you to weed out low-quality photos.

For the sake of fairness, I must say that these rules are not so strict. So, with minimal artistic taste and a good enough camera, a student will be able to take photographs that will comply with the rules of any stock photo.

Each work is evaluated individually by the author. You just have to wait for your buyer, who will not be stingy with money!

Creating your own YouTube channel

Creating a channel for making money on the Internet on YouTube allows you to combine hobby and earnings. If the niche is chosen correctly, and the video material is of high quality and holds the attention of the viewer, then the author of the channel will undoubtedly receive a good reward.

The main criterion here is the presence cameras and video editing skills.

Of course, it is difficult to underestimate the subject matter. One schoolgirl began to film simple scary stories that are so popular among teenagers. Thanks to this, she gained several hundred thousand subscribers and receives a very real income. Why don’t you try yourself in this business too?


An artistic schoolboy can easily cope with the duties of an animator for young children. You can offer your services to a studio that provides such services. It is possible that the studio will take you on a temporary part-time job. The most important criterion when applying for a job will be your good mood!

In the future, you will have to cheer up others, as well as maintain a cheerful and friendly atmosphere.


Talented girls can be advised to try to sell their crafts. This can be done both with the help of ad sites and with the help of personal acquaintances. It is possible that your decorations will be in demand during the holidays.

This cannot be an exhaustive guide. After all, different people are engaged in the manufacture of completely different things. In any case, try to make money with your hobby!


When looking for earnings during the holidays, you should also not ignore the Internet. There are many job options here. The easiest way to find a job is to register on freelance sites.

Such resources can offer a variety of work: from writing articles to 3D modeling. Everyone here will find something for themselves!

As we can see, the situation of schoolchildren is not so hopeless! Although the student does not yet have a diploma, he can still earn real money. There would be a desire, but there will always be an opportunity!