Money on TikTok | How to make money on Tik Tok in 2022

Money on TikTok | How to make money on Tik Tok in 2022

It’s a new age now, the age of tiktokers. Anyone can become world famous through TikTok: all you have to do is make videos, gain followers and entertain your audience. And this is the easiest income in the modern world of Tik Tok – thousands of dollars a month for your 15-second videos.

Account monetization has its own characteristics, they lie in the fact that Tik-Tok does not have an official affiliate program, which There is in YouTube (views are paid there). The existence of an unofficial affiliate program made it possible for top bloggers to receive personal offers, conclude agreements with the social network and thus receive accrued bonuses for each view with their subsequent transfer to finance.

Смотреть ТикТок

But this program has not been working since the beginning of this year, there are suggestions that work will resume, but at the moment it is better to use other methods.

What attracts you to work on this site?

1. The number of subscribers does not matter, the main thing is to get more viewed materials (likes, comments, videos). The length of the video is also important. Therefore, if there are a million subscribers, and only a thousand views, this will be a negative indicator;

2. The age group of this network is mostly teenagers and people in their early twenties. That’s what they need to create content for. The network does not have a large number of advertisers, and the audience is not very solvent;

Статистика тиик тока 2019 - февраль 2020

3. TikTok trends change very quickly, so to maintain popularity, it is necessary to generate a large amount of content with a constant search for new ideas in terms of video;

4. Neither under the posted video, nor in The profile does not include a clickable link to a specific site. Therefore, the issue of redirecting users to the required resource is very difficult.

They must first copy the address link to the site and manually paste it into the browser, while some (however small) of the traffic may be lost. The issue is being resolved, it is possible that links will still be added to the profile this year.

While traffic is redirected to YouTube, or to Instagram with Tik Tok, for placing clickable links already there.

If we compare the pros and cons of Tik Tok, then there are much more of the former. This is also:

The ability to cover a lot of videos for free and then get them into recommendations;

Having a huge number of ideas ready-made (you can use a hashtag that has already gained popularity, make a whole video or duet, post people’s reaction to a video from another person).

What are the possibilities of a promoted Tik Tok account?

When you managed to effectively promote your profile , your TikTok subscribers leave multiple views on videos, the manifestation of activity from users in the form of comments and likes, it’s time to think about earning money.

Statistics say that every eighth tiktoker receives monetary benefits from their videos. To do this, you can use the following methods:

  • Place ads from bloggers;
  • Cooperate with well-known brands;
  • Encouragement (donations) from subscribers
  • Promote your own business.

A competent approach to such a business is an opportunity to earn decent money. If you want people to buy ads from you, it is recommended to make an ad in another social network. networks with the price of the services provided. In this way, it will be possible to increase the flow of customers.

The popularity of the account, multiple subscribers on TikTok attract the attention of various online stores, companies, etc. Often they ask about advertising on your site.

You don’t even have to wait until you start receiving requests, it’s better to write to them by mail or on social networks. network.

Write to organizations that cooperate with your target audience.

Popularity in TikTok is determined by the number of followers, likes. An extensive audience on the profile will take you to the Top. This is a wonderful prospect, an opportunity to earn tens of thousands of rubles monthly.

The main thing is not to forget to regularly add interesting and unusual content.

The right direction will allow you to achieve unprecedented success. And in order to speed up the promotion process and consistently gain a foothold in the top search rankings, you can always buy Tik Tok followers

Ways to make money on Tik Tok.

Make a video with sound

You can make a video to the selected popular song, it is popular among both beginners and famous musicians and singers. With such music tracks they promote their music and pay a lot of money.

If the account is already popular, then the fee for the video for the song they proposed will be provided. The cost of shooting a video for a music track is equivalent to the cost of advertising.

Партнерская программа Тик Ток

The fee will depend on how many subscribers the blogger has and on his appetites (prices vary from $250-300 per video);

We make money on advertising

To do this, you will need to remove advertising on the topic proposed by the customer. It is possible that this will be a ready-made scenario that should be followed, but you can also offer your own vision.

As a rule, the task may include the use of a specific hashtag, showing a product in a video clip, voicing certain phrases, possibly a whole review, etc.

This kind of orders can be found using the options:

Achieve high popularity as a blogger with a large number of not only subscribers, but also views .

In this case, advertisers will pay attention to you and make offers;

Contact your profile and prices directly with advertisers (there are different groups on advertising exchanges or in Telegram) to contact them directly.

About how affiliate programs work:

The process is quite simple, if you bring a client to the company, it will pay a percentage of the sales made .

Online stores with high-quality cosmetics can serve as a colorful example, you become Youth boger, shoot a video for them with the product offered, a product review and an offer for subscribers to go to the website of this trade enterprise using your link.


Per buyer , which will come from the blogger (that is, from you), he will be paid finances as a reward. Some affiliate programs have promotional codes that can be specified in the video, or under it.

Earn on live broadcasts:

If the profile has reached more than 1000 subscribers, the user can start streaming. Subscribers will be able to send a gift if they are over 18 years old and have a bank card connected to Google Pay or Apple.

1) Offer services or goods during the broadcast;

2) On virtual coins (purchased on Tik-Tok, real money is spent for them).

These coins are calculated for stickers that are given to bloggers on the air. One hundred pieces of coins for one dollar is the minimum amount. The Sticker that a blogger can receive as a gift costs, let’s say, usually ten coins, therefore, part of its value (80 percent) gets on its balance, which can be converted into money, but already real.

Tik Tok will keep 20% and you can withdraw money only through PayPal with a commission and if you accumulate a minimum amount of $100. There is a maximum withdrawal limit of $1,000 per day. The transaction will take from 14 to 21 days.

The minimum withdrawal threshold is $10.

About promotion of their services:

It is possible to promote your services as a private trader or a representative from an agency.

Sale of goods

If you have achieved popularity on Tiktok, then it will be easy for you to sell digital or physical goods, trade audiobooks, prints, info courses, etc. If you do not have your own goods, then you can also sell other people’s goods by dropshipping.

This social network has accounts of many world-famous brands (“RedBull”, “Guess”, Sberbank), maintaining accounts of which also has its own earnings received by brands .

Earning on likes

Earning in this version is popular among students and schoolchildren. Tasks are completed throughcheat websites. The following actions are required:

  • watch the video to the very end;
  • tag it with a like and a comment.

Tik Tok is extremely negative about cheating videos, and they figure it out quite quickly, this should be taken into account.

Your account may be blocked. Some people manage to earn quite real amounts on likes.

About promoting yourself personally in terms of an expert in any topic

If you are a Tik Tok blogger If you are sure that you are thoroughly versed in any topic, then you have the opportunity to share your knowledge with a wide audience.

Creating a training book or course will provide an opportunity to earn money. You can always find listeners online for online webinars, live conferences and other similar events.

People are interested in the profiles of specialists in psychology, law and medicine. This observation is a new trend of the current 2021. The main thing is to know the language of the audience in order to make it easier to communicate.

Creating and maintaining Business accounts for companies

This way of earning is just super shot on Instagram – at the dawn of its heyday, and even now people work on it. You just need to learn and that’s it. But you won’t be able to take clients right away, because it will be hard to have a portfolio yet.

Setting up Targeted Ads

As Instagram has a target, so does TikTok advertising account for business (functionality is very similar to Facebook).

Additional service for complex management and quick recruitment of an audience for your client.

You can set up target groups of people for any business and make good money on their services as a targetologist.


Make money on cats in Tik Tok

Various jokes about animals like a huge number of people. Such videos always collect a lot of views, positive comments and likes. Videos with cats and cats are especially popular. And you can earn good money on this.

Funny videos about cats will be used as content.

Where can I get such videos? On Instagram, Telegram, You Tube, These social networks are full of such content. Also, videos can be taken from Tik Tok itself.

Naturally, before posting to the channel, they must be at least a little uniqueized so that they are not considered plagiarism. The easiest way is to remove sound from videos and overlay popular songs on Tik Tok. Such videos gain views much better.

You can cut several videos and then combine them into one file in the editing program. If you take small fragments of 10-15 seconds, then such inserts are allowed even on You Tube. In addition to Tik Tok, videos can be posted on You Tube in the Shorts section.

The videos should be funny and evoke an emotional response from the viewer. To make him want to like and write a comment.

You need to upload at least 100-200 such videos to one channel and optimize them for key queries. So that users can easily find this content.

How can you make money on these videos? Everything is very simple. In Tik Tok, you can go to a business account for free and there you can insert any link. And if you can insert a link, then you can earn. Of course, if the link violates the rules, the channel will be blocked.

The majority of people who watch videos about cats have their own pets at home. And if you recommend them various products or services for animals, they will gladly use them.

There are many affiliate programs with pet products. And they are ready to pay their partners for the brought buyers. It is enough to register in such a program and receive a special link for advertising, place Tik Tok in your profile.

All videos below should have a call to go to the link in the profile. As the channel grows, people will start following the link to order goods or services for animals, and the partner will receive profit from each such transaction. If you wish, you can easily do from 500 to 2000 rubles a day. And if you create several such channels for different affiliate programs, then the profit will be many times greater.

A channel with good activity can bring dozens of sales per day. But of course, success will not come overnight. It will take several months of regular work to get good results.

Does Tik Tok pay for views?

Earning in tik tok on views – let’s find out how it works. Bloggers with 1,000 or more subscribers can broadcast live in real time. Like any other service, here viewers can reward streamers with donations.

TikTok has an internal currency – TTC. There are approximately 100 TTC in 1 US dollar. If a viewer buys a sticker and sends it to a blogger, 80% of the money from the purchase is transferred to the latter.

You need to collect at least $10 at such a pace to withdraw money to your PayPal account.

When ordering cheat services deliberately , you will get complete security for your account.

The most important task is to attract the attention of users, after which high-quality content and a “pumped” profile will increase your popularity by themselves. how to get more views on tiktok

Before you get a lot of views on TikTok, you should pay attention: do not try to exceed the limits on subscriptions, do not send spam to attract new users, and it is highly recommended not to wind up fakes and bots on the page just to to create the appearance of a promoted profile.

Such actions will only lead to permanent blocking.

Account popularity, multiple views on TikTok attract attention various online stores, companies, etc. Often they ask about advertising on your site.

You don’t even have to wait until you start receiving requests, it’s better to write to them by mail or on social networks. network.

Write to organizations that cooperate with your target audience.

How to get a lot of views on Tik Tok?

To you saw more people on TikTok, you need to get into the recommendations of the service. But how to do it?

Tik Tok promotion further contributes to a natural increase in views, increased activity in your account and growth of your audience . Tik tok also pays for views.

But don’t forget about quality content for a better chance of being recommended!

The faster and more often your videos get into recommendations and top , the faster you will gain popularity and demand among advertisers.

The TikTop Free service is also useful for those who do not need promotion, but who, nevertheless, want to understand how the recommendations work in TikTok and does TikTok pay for views.

In addition to TikTok, the service provides the possibility of promotion in other social networks. networks (subscribers, comments, likes, views, reposts to a group, personal page).

How to make money on Tik Tok on views

Surely many have heard that TikTok pays money for views. Let’s see what you can get money for in this social network.

Advertising other people’s posts

When a blogger posts a personal video on a page, it you can mention other users. In this way, you have the opportunity to draw the attention of the audience to this person and his work or the goods offered, for which you will receive a monetary reward.

For example: an aspiring musician wants to become famous.

You have a sufficient number of followers on your profile who may be interested in the work of this musician.

When watching your videos, users see ads that and is a path of glory for the person who ordered an advertising platform from you.

It all depends on how many views on tik tok. Therefore, a large number of views will bring a lot of money.

Partner with famous brands

To increase the popularity of your content You can enjoy the support of well-known brands. Organize challenges together with them or create viral videos.

Thus, famous bloggers ride cars of certain brands, which they earn money on. How much does tik tok pay per view?

This is determined by your popularity, so try to become more famous.

Promotion of your own goods and services

Earn on the promotion of your own products, designed for the target audience of Tik Tok.

Using the Tik Tok free service will show you how to make money on Tik Tok views. It just takes a little effort to be successful.

Live broadcasts

You can earn money on live broadcasts on TikTok! It is important to go live regularly and communicate with subscribers, for which they will thank you with coins.

How does it work?

You go live, share useful tips, answer viewers’ questions , and they send you TikTok coins for it. The money received can be withdrawn to your account. Just keep in mind the platform commission of 20%.

Song ads

Music ads are one of the most popular options account monetization. TikTok is primarily a video format that cannot do without musical accompaniment. And musicians are willing to pay for the promotion of tracks.

How does it work?

A musician contacts you and offers a track. Your task is to shoot a video to his music in its usual format, without focusing on the music. Advertising should be as native as possible! That is, the viewer should not understand that this is an advertisement.

Advertising of goods and brands

Another popular a earnings scheme where a company contacts you to promote its products and services.

You agree with the advertiser in advance on the scenario of the video and the conditions for how the product will be shown, for how many seconds and what you need to specify in the description (hashtags, promo codes). What is worth remembering? Only native ads work on TikTok!

Therefore, the product can be placed in the background and be an auxiliary tool in your video. You get money for shooting a video and mentioning the brand in the description below it. Sometimes advertising is carried out on a barter basis.

Sale of information products

Information products are personal knowledge, experience and skills, properly packaged in product.

How does it work?

Let’s say you run an account on the topic “Visual for Instagram”, tell how to take beautiful photos and teach others about it. That’s why you decide to create a Beautiful House Visual guide. The finished information product is put up for sale. And advertise it on TikTok, thereby increasing sales.

Expert blog

Expert blogs usually gain fewer subscribers than blogs entertaining character. However, the advantage is that you can make money on them even with a small audience.

For example, you blog about the English language and tell the nuances of the language, its features, show life hacks on how to learn tenses faster and at the same time offer to sign up for you for tutoring or online lectures.

In this case, you earn on your expertise by promoting yourself as a teacher.

Teaching others accounts

When you have gained an audience and already understand the algorithms of TikTok and all its nuances, you can take on the maintenance of other people’s accounts. You can offer your services to individual stores, salons, brands and bloggers.


Targeted advertising has recently appeared in TikTok is one of the most important tools for promoting any product or service.

At the moment, only a few know how to set it up correctly, and demand is growing every day. Therefore, this niche is still free and requires experienced targetologists.

Script writing

The number of TikTok users is growing every day and large Bloggers and brands want to stand out, show original videos, so they are constantly looking for cool ideas and ready-made video scripts.

How does it work?

You can write a few scripts for specific bloggers or brands and offer them, if they are interested, then you can get a job in this area. This is a great opportunity to earn money for creative people. And if you can still make a content plan, you will be worth your weight in gold.

Video editing

If you have the knowledge and experience in the field of editing, special effects, work with chroma key and animation, you will be in great demand on Tik Tok. People want beautiful videos, but they don’t know how to do it themselves.

Advertising other TikTokers

Often newcomers to TikTok contact to bigger bloggers for advertising. You may be asked to make a video together, record a duet, or simply mention the nickname of this user. The cost of such advertising is calculated in the TikTok advertising calculator.

Of course, these are not all types of earnings, because TikTok is developing very quickly and more and more new professions appear on the market, so the main thing here is to catch the wave.

How much can you earn on Tik Tok?

Several ways to earn money and predicted total income per 100,000 followers.

  1. Advertising $20 x15 = $600
  2. Your own marathon (what is your niche) or (promotion courses) $20 x 200 = $4000
  3. Selling personal consultations (on tik tok or in your specialty) $40 x30 =$1200
  4. Partnership with a brand/company for a month. = $500
  5. Video greetings from your name $10 x 30 =$300

Total from $6600/ months with complex monetization.

Calculation of monetization: how much you can earn on TikTok

How much money can you make on TikTok?

Millions of dollars. Already now, in large bloggers, one commercial costs from $ 3-5K. Blogger’s 1 million views commercial:

$2,000 market;
Top of the market — $50,000;
Middle — $7,000

TikTok calculator

This tool is designed to calculate your income from publishing, as well as to calculate the cost of advertising with tiktokers on the TikTok social network.

TikTok Engagement and Revenue Calculator

Using the TikTok calculator, you can easily track blogger data: the exact number of followers, likes, publications, as well as find out the activity of followers, level your account engagement and development

Track the activity of famous tiktokers and get data in the public domain without logging into the TikTok app .

To to view data about your page, you need to go to the site calculator Rule: Profile must be public and preferably set to PRO.

What is the TikTok Calculator for?

  1. Rating income;
  2. Calculate earnings per post on TikTok ;
  3. Calculate the cost of advertising;
  4. Compare revenue.
  5. Get information about how much money other tiktokers make.

How to use the calculator?

Enter your nickname (or any other) in the search box and click the button “Calculate”:

The system will search for data and provide analytics for this account:

The income information provided is approximate. But it will help you significantly reduce the time when choosing a TikToker for advertising, as well as determine the cost of your advertising post.


The popularity of the social The Tik Tok network is based on a convenient format and ease of use. Users can upload their videos ranging from 15 seconds to a minute long, broadcast live, like other videos, and leave comments.

Recently, the network’s audience has increased significantly, so this platform can use it as a source of additional income.

You can use various effects, masks, insert text, your own sound and much more to record video. You can find many audios in the web library that you can use in your videos. These sounds can be edited however you like.

Each user can make videos, subscribe to interesting profiles, comment on other people’s videos, and more.

Main Audience Tik-Tok is young people aged 14 to 30.

Any user of a social network can indicate another person’s account in the description under the video. This can be done in the same way as on Instagram – through “@”.

Some people shoot “duets” with other users in which they show their reaction to the video or repeat the same thing to attract the audience.


Musicians use this method most often. To promote their account and promote their music, they turn to popular tiktokers. Those, in turn, shoot a video for the author’s song for money and indicate his account in the description of the video.

Bloggers can make money with the help of live broadcasts, which they can broadcast by gaining at least 1000 subscribers. In their live broadcasts, users can do anything on camera.

If the viewer likes to watch the broadcast, he can encourage the blogger with a small reward.

About 100 TikTok coins can be purchased for about 1 dollar. The viewer transfers this money to the blogger, who can withdraw it.

In the entire history of the network, there was one case associated with a Chinese player who actively broadcast live . Once, for one such broadcast, he collected about 167 thousand dollars from viewers.

Starting from 10-20 thousand subscribers, tiktokers can earn on advertising of various brands. You cannot leave direct links under the video, but you can increase the popularity of little-known brands.

Most often, bloggers shoot clips with hidden advertising. Most viewers pay attention to this, begin to be interested in the product and buy it. The brand, in turn, receives good user activity and profit from the sales of its products.

The Tik-Tok platform is perfect for sellers of clothing, cosmetics, sports nutrition, for tutors and various craftsmen. With the help of short videos, you can increase the demand for your products and services. In the profile description, you can specify links to your resources, for example, to a website or Instagram.

Tik Tok is a real opportunity to earn money:

The social network Tik Tok is now at the peak of its popularity. With the right approach, it is very easy to get a lot of views on your videos. This social network does not yet have official monetization, however, you can earn money there.

First you need to create an account in this social network. Fill out your profile and start uploading videos to the channel. If you actively manage your profile, come up with original content, edit videos with high quality, regularly post new material and constantly interact with other profiles, then in a few months you can gain a good audience on Tik-Tok.

Even one viral video can easily become a recommendation, and then it will be seen by millions of viewers.

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