Business in the production of motor oils (motor oil)

Business in the production of motor oils (motor oil)

Motor oil, as its name implies, is created to lubricate engines and, accordingly, is divided into three main types according to the type of engine used:

• diesel;

• gasoline;

• combined.

Each of these types will differ in the set of base oils and specific additives that are used in the process production. Oils are also distinguished by the temperature limit, in connection with which they are summer, winter and universal – all-weather.

The history of motor oil.

Back in 1873, the famous scientist John Ellis made the world’s first motor oil. A well-known scientist has worked in the field of studying the parameters of crude oil for a long time and concluded that it has excellent lubricating characteristics. He tried to add the manufactured liquid to the valves of steam engines and they began to move smoothly and more freely, which reduced wear on parts, and significantly extended the life of the power plant. After that, John registered the first company that was engaged in the production of the simplest motor oil.

Technology for the production of motor oils.

The very first stage of production is the extraction of raw materials, which in this case is oil . Therefore, to begin with, you should arrange the purchase of the necessary raw materials for production.


It must be taken into account that the extracted oil goes through certain stages of filtration from unnecessary components at specialized refineries .

There are three types of motor oils that differ in their composition:

1. Mineral oils are the cheapest. This type is made from oil, which goes through standard processes of distillation and filtration.

2.Synthetic oils are the most expensive oils. The basis of such oils are substances that are obtained after serious chemical operations with oil and gas products.

3. Semi-synthetic oils are a hybrid, a mixture of the two above types.

It must be remembered that the quality of the future oil will depend directly on the quality of the raw materials that will be purchased or extracted. Also, the state of the final product is strongly influenced by the equipment, process and composition recipe.

After purchasing petroleum products, they should be further cleaned and dewaxed. That is, the raw material must eventually be completely cleaned of such an unnecessary substance as paraffin. Almost everyone knows that this material is used in the production of matches and candles, so it is worth marketing this element to candle factories or considering opening your own as an appendage to the main one.

Few people do not knows that motor oil is composed of a number of heterogeneous substances. Therefore, the third step is the companding process. This procedure involves the simple mixing of all components and additives that are used in the manufacture of engine oil. After this, we can assume that the oil is ready.

Next, you need to think about the container in which the oil will be transported and sold. Therefore, you can additionally organize a line where the necessary plastic canisters will be produced, which can be used for your own needs and sold to other factories.

If the factory focuses on the production of cheap mineral water, then such motor oil can be packed in large barrels and implement them in this form.

The room.

It will not be possible to save on the room, this must be taken into account immediately. A modern motor oil factory is a huge machine with many pipes weaving in and out of different buildings, tanks, tanks and so on. N

The required area can be calculated based on the proposed technological processes that the plant plans to combine.

For example, it has already been said above that canisters for storage and sale can be purchased or made by yourself. Accordingly, in the latter case, it is worthwhile to foresee separate premises for organizing such accompanying production.

Thus, the plant can have a completely different area. Even for storing oil, you need to allocate a separate room with the appropriate conditions.

Finding a finished building that will meet the necessary requirements is almost impossible, so you should prepare for the fact that you will have to build it yourself .

At the same time, it is worthwhile to correctly plan not only the placement of individual rooms, but also take into account convenient movement between them. On the territory of the CIS, factories with their own production and refining of oil are now operating, which occupy an area of ​​​​more than 110 hectares.


The situation with personnel is the same as and with the room. It will be possible to calculate the exact number of personnel only after all types of technological processes that are planned to be launched at the new enterprise have been accurately determined. It should be noted right away that modern equipment implies minimal human participation in production, and this will eliminate the need to hire a large number of diverse employees. But, nevertheless, a lot of people will work, and the amount of annual wages must be taken into account in the business plan being drawn up.

It is worth considering that the cost of services in different regions varies greatly, which means that you need to coordinate this moment with the location of the plant in advance. In addition, for some jobs it is not worth hiring expensive full-time specialists. For example, part of the accounting services can be provided by remote workers, or you can even conclude a contract with an audit firm to avoid additional costs.

Special attention should be paid to the sales and marketing department, as for successful entry into the market and further development businesses need a clear and understandable strategy, which must be developed and implemented by professionals. Here it is strongly not recommended to save on personnel by choosing experienced employees.


Only one thing can be said about profitability. This type of business will be profitable under any conditions. Motor oil will be needed always and everywhere, it is used by almost every person on the planet. Moreover, every year the number of vehicles is constantly increasing, which means that the demand for motor oil will constantly grow.

Because of this, we can conclude that doing this type of business is very profitable and promising. Of course, the profitability will still depend on factors such as the price of renting a room, since the cost differs significantly in different regions and cities. Also, the salary, which can differ by dozens of times.

If the business goes well, it will be possible to expand the plant, increase production and the number of points of sale and sale. The main thing in the success of this business can be advertising, which will not have to spare money.

In general, Russian-made motor oils are sold well in the lower and middle price groups, which is important to consider when organizing your own production. An attempt to enter the premium class will force you to face very strong competition, so you should not bet on this segment in the first place.

With properly established production, expensive equipment will pay off in about 3-4 years when working in one shift, taking into account that the plant will function normally and cover all regular expenses.

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