How to make money on V-Like

How to make money on V-Like

Is it possible for a beginner to earn V-Like

Yes! Active user equals active income. Frequent visits to the application, linking profiles of all available social networks to an account on the project, daily publication of high-quality content contribute to the number of orders from advertisers.

The most common types of earnings:

1. Performing tasks: putting likes, increasing views, writing reviews and comments. For one task you can get 5 – 13 kopecks, and for each subscription – 15 – 30 kopecks. In practice, an enterprising user receives 30-70 rubles a day for simple tasks.

2. Advertising: promotion of other people’s profiles, original products, brands and services.

3. Participation in contests: winning gifts, money or promoting your account for following the established rules.

4. Virtual currency or accumulation of “beans and diamonds” in order to later exchange them for real money.

5. Affiliate: installing applications, downloading programs and shortcuts (everything is safe).

Dishonest cheating and too much activity can lead to a freeze or blocking of an account in the following cases:

  1. Non-fulfillment of orders or termination of actions (unsubscribing from the profile, deleting your reviews).
  2. Exceeding the standard limit of subscriptions and likes per day.

How to earn V-Like as a blogger

Putting effort and creating unique content are two qualities that will help a blogger earn in the V-Like app.

By in fact, this is the same application as Tik-Tok, only it has monetization for quality videos, likes and views, and in order to receive income from this, you need to prepare your account and content.

First,, you need to register in the application and upload videos regularly. It can be from 2 to 5 high-quality videos per day, that is, with good lighting, coherent speech, high-quality picture and sound, as well as semantic load.

Secondly, get official liker status. This is the status of “Silver Crown”, “Rising Star”, “Golden Crown”, etc. There are many such V-Like statuses, and content is considered depending on what quality it is and what benefits it brings to the user.

As soon as the official status of “Author” appears, videos are published , and the likes are already starting to promote them.

The collaboration of the blogger with the V-Like app brings not only a lot of subscribers, but also interesting gifts and business offers that motivate you to do what you love, to shoot original videos.

It is enough to participate in the competition and share your creativity there, and in return you will receive 25 dollars for the first place, which you can later withdraw.

Or just be active, expand your audience and make unique videos , and the app will send interesting bonuses and gifts.


Now V-Like can grow very quickly, transfer the audience to other social networks and monetize it there. It is important that in this program the audience is recruited really quickly and absolutely free.

Pros of earning V-Like

Based on user feedback, we can highlight the following advantages of the project under consideration:

1. Any age contingent can earn on likes.

2. The work schedule is free, but, for example, paid tasks are released by advertisers at the beginning of each hour, and if you enter at this time, you can increase your income.

3. No contributions are required . They pay quickly, but money can be transferred to the account after accumulating a certain amount.

4. There are enough ways to make money in this application, you can choose what brings you the most profit and focus on it.

5. V-Like technical support responds quickly (within a couple of hours), explains the problem in detail and how to fix it.

6. The application has a brief instruction for customers and performers, which makes it easier to work and find it.

As the main form of income, the V-Like application is not recommended, it is more an additional income. You can earn enough to improve your financial situation, pay for mobile services or order food delivery.

On the other hand, some popular users use the application so well that their income can cover utilities and pay bills. Therefore, there is no final conclusion on this application.

The main thing is to try, search and not stop, decide for yourself what kind of income you need, and go towards the goal.

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