How to make money on OLX

OLX is one of the most popular classifieds sites where you can sell or give away a variety of merchandise. It is visited by millions of users every day. Here, among other things, they place advertisements for the sale of cars, real estate, as well as the services of local companies. The portal also acts as an intermediary for the sale of goods and makes it easy to find buyers for various categories of marketable products.

Learn how to sell on OLX to do it efficiently and without problems.

How to sell faster and more efficiently on OLX

Each advertising portal has some distinctive features and looks different. In addition, they follow different rules. Now the most popular service is OLX. Why?
• Because it has a lot of users, which leads to faster sales;
• it’s easy to use;
• in many categories, you do not need to pay for product advertising.

1. What can be sold on the service

On the OLX website, you can sell everything that is allowed by the law and the rules of the portal. Here you can place ads for the sale of cars, goods for home and garden. You can sell clothes, shoes and accessories, as well as electronics, products for children and even live animals. The service also offers information about services, places ads for people who want to give something away for free. Each user can sell different items, both new and used, on the OLX platform.

Как заработать на OLX

For example:

• clothing;• electronics;
• furniture;
• decorations;
• building materials left after renovation;
• indoor plants, other.

There is a group of products that cannot be offered for sale or for free on this site, such as medical products (drugs), tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, psychotropic substances, pyrotechnics.

2. Registering and setting up an account

Performing advertising on the OLX website requires, first of all, registration and authorization on the portal. You can set up an account using your Facebook account. It is very convenient and many users use it. The menu on the site is intuitive, so adding ads will only take a few minutes.

3. A few words about the products for sale

Before putting a product up for sale, consider whether it will be of interest to someone. If you want to sell used slippers from 10 years ago, even the best advertisement and description will not help you. On the other hand, you need to understand that things that are no longer of value to you may be claimed by other people. For example, during the renovation of an apartment, you change doors and windows. These products will be bought with pleasure by people who make repairs in an old dacha.

4. How to advertise on a selling site

To start working on the OLX portal, you need to log in. Then, on the main page of the site, click the “Add advertisement” option, then fill in all the required fields, and most importantly, select the category correctly. It is also necessary to correctly write the heading indicating the actual content of the advertisement.

1). The headline in advertising is the head

There are several categories and subcategories offered in the ad headline, so it’s important to describe the item you’re selling well, because unfortunately not every buyer searches by category. If you give a name that is pretty but doesn’t mean anything, you won’t sell anything.

The system gives 70 characters with spaces to describe the item that is being offered for sale. Therefore, you need to write briefly, but succinctly, so that it is immediately clear what kind of thing it is, how old it is, in what form it is, what price you set. In addition, the advertisement must be supplemented with details in accordance with the actual condition of the offered goods. The description must include the name of the manufacturer, the condition of the product, information about possible functions and the contents of the package (in the case of sets). For example:

• When selling clothes, it would be good to indicate the model and brand, condition, size and quality of the material.
• In an ad for the sale of a car, more detailed information is required – brand, make of car, year of manufacture, fuel on which the drive works, mileage, technical condition and all information about equipment, modifications and possible malfunctions.

In the title, you must write the key phrase of the characteristics of things. Be sure to include the make and model, because that’s how buyers will look for them. If shipping is already included in the item’s price, please also include this in the header. The ad placement form includes a different number of checkboxes depending on the specific category. In one case, it is enough to specify the main parameters, in the other – details. Of course, a detailed description of the product requires more time, but this ad will be much more attractive and solid from the point of view of a potential buyer.

When posting, pay attention to the category. To facilitate the sale, the system suggests categories in which you can place products for sale. Many people immediately narrow down their search to a specific category when they search for something.

Реклама сервиса олх

Depending on the name of the ad, you need to specify a category in which you can place the goods. However, the hint is not always successful. If you list an item in the wrong category, a lot of people might miss it.

If you don’t know which category to put a sale product in, search for similar items and check which category has the most items. Sometimes it is worth listing a product in several categories.

2). Pricing: Price works wonders

The price should reflect the true value of the product being sold and its condition at the time of sale. The most “fair” price is half or slightly below or above half the price paid for a new piece of clothing, assuming it is in very good condition. In this case, there will probably be several “buts” because the assessment is an element that affects the speed of the sale. In this matter, you need to focus on other sellers. You need to make sure at what price they put up for sale similar products and how quickly they sell out. You can find out by viewing their specific ads.

All buyers of the OLX trading platform are counting on profitable purchases, so it is advisable to write that the price is negotiable. For some buyers, lowering the purchase price a little is a matter of honor. Consider this fact when setting the price.

3). A photo shoot speeds up sales

People look at a product visually when choosing a product, so make sure the photo is a good representation of all its merits. If you are a great photographer, use your skills, because a good photo is a big plus. A good picture is worth more than a million words. Take a look at the most popular auctions on OLX. The ones with nice pictures, especially children’s clothes, have the most views.

доход от покупок на олх

Many people bet on them, not paying attention to the fact that in in another category, they will find at least two of the same item at a much lower price. This is the power of a good photo.

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If photography isn’t your forte, then:

• see what photos other sellers have taken and follow suit;
• make things attractive, even old pieces can look good if they are clean and ironed;
• try to make a bright background;
• use daylight if possible: move the curtain, take a picture, setting the object close to the window;
• try to get additional lighting (ceiling lamp or flashlight);
• take a few shots from a distance so that you have photos to choose from;
• in the case of electronics, try to hide some details, for example, do not show scratches on phone;
• put the most beautiful photo first, it is best to show the whole selling goods;
• if all the same photos are so-so or simply they are not there, you can take a photo from the catalog. But you can use them after your own, and then only one.

The problem is that, according to the regulations, the photo should reflect the actual condition of the product, if the photo is one and it will definitely be deleted from the OLX catalog.

4). Description of advertised goods

In the description, you can clearly write about everything that is not visible in the photographs. It is worth rewriting what you have already written in the title and supplementing it with details. The description should contain such details that will interest almost every buyer. At the same time, it cannot be too long. Remember, if the description is made qualitatively and in detail, this will save you from answering dozens of questions from buyers. In the case of clothing, the description should look like this:

• type of clothing sold;
• seasonality of the year (autumn, autumn-winter);
• information on additional insulation, for example in the case of jackets;
• the size on the label is an element that is often overlooked and this is a big mistake, when a description with dimensions is made, it will answer the questions of many buyers;
• brand – if the company is even a little known, this information should be in the title, and it should also be mentioned in the description. Some people use the magic of popular clothing brands and put a few of them in the headline, hoping that these “flashy brands” will attract more people. If you are one of those people, then in the description you should indicate which company you are selling clothes to, because the difference in prices of different companies is huge, and many people are willing to pay more for such a price tag;
• the condition of the clothes – let’s face it, The photos do not show the condition of the clothes. It makes no sense to write that the condition of the clothes is shown in the photographs, because only the appearance of the clothes is shown there. The customer cannot look closely or touch the items being sold on the screen.

заработать на олх

The items you sell must always be in good condition. This means that they must not show significant visible damage, only slight traces of use are allowed. There is no need to hide anything, it is best that things are in perfect condition.

5). Choose the right time to sell

When to sell is an important question, at least when selling seasonal items. When selling, you need to take into account the time of year, for example, not many people do repairs in December or buy winter shoes in the summer. Always put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and trade according to the season. If you are planning a big wardrobe sale and want to get rid of children’s winter clothes, the best time to do this is September or October. Also, don’t be quick to sell winter clothes for a good price in spring, or sandals in September. On the other hand, buyers take sneakers (new, branded) well in autumn and winter. There is practically no season for electronics, more recent models of phones, tablets or TVs are sold all year round. Furniture is easier to sell after or before the winter season.

5. The form of communication is a mandatory attribute of the ad

The seller is obliged to indicate his contacts in the ad: e-mail or phone in a special form, or both, then the buyer will decide how to contact you. It is also necessary to indicate the price of the product or service that is the subject of advertising, and note the possible price negotiations (if any). When contacting the buyer by e-mail, do not forget to read the questions and answer them. There will be no sale without your contacts.

6. How to submit items sold on OLX

Some items offered on the OLX platform are available for personal pickup, but in many cases, items must be mailed. In such situations, it is best to use the offer of a trusted courier company that guarantees fast and safe delivery. Currently, the most economical solution is to send the package through a courier platform.

кэшбэк олх

Shipping items sold on OLX via courier saves time because everything formalities, including payment for shipping, can be completed online.

In addition, the prices are very favorable, and the services meet the needs of customers. The service offers many types of courier shipments, including cash on delivery and weekend delivery options. You can send a parcel at any time of the day or night, and then pay online and hand it over to the courier without leaving your home.


Selling on OLX is a great way get rid of unnecessary things. On OLX, you can sell most of the items you don’t need and earn extra money.

However, you must be careful when listing the item with the exact description of the item, complete the transaction in person, or ship the item only after receiving payment.


It is also important to determine the right price for what you are selling. If it is too low, you will lose, and if it is too high, no one will dare to buy this product. It is best to do your research and check the market prices of the products.

However, the key aspect is the photographs, they must be attractive in order to present the goods offered well.

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