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Cashtaller is another high-quality service that provides the ability to promote your sites, blogs, social groups. networks, etc. This is the leading Cashtaller mailer, which proved to be quite good, with its simplicity and the ability to not only advertise, but also earn money.

The site has a unique background design. Users have been making real money here for more than seven years.

Как заработать на сайте

A large number of people visit the project about 7000 per day, and over 46000 registrations over 7 years. This project has similarity with other mailers. This article will discuss how to register and earn on Cashtaller.

Details about registration and earning on Cashtaller

After registering, you will be able to log in through your Webmoney wallet.

But first, let’s talk about how you can register here.

On the left of the main page of the site there is a button “Register” click on it, a pop-up window appears. At the top you need to insert your E-mail, a little lower pass the anti-bot check by entering the numbers shown in the picture.

After that, we complete the registration, go to your mailbox and look at the Inbox or Spam folder. There will be a link to activate your account.

Follow the link, thereby completing the registration, now we can start earning on the Cashtaller project.

As with similar projects, you can earn money in the following ways:

Viewing advertising sites. ( Clicks )

You need to perform the simplest action, namely, follow the link and wait until the timer ends, after which we solve the simplest captcha and get the money earned.

Manual and automatic Surfing.

This earnings is almost no different from clicks, because here you also need to view advertising sites.

The only difference is that you don’t need to click on every link, but just press the “Start Surfing” button and all currently available sites will be viewed one by one.

You only need to enter captcha upon completion of browsing each site.

And automatic Surfing does not require any action from you at all, and you don’t even need to solve any captchas, but simply wait for the timer to end and receive a monetary reward for each view.

Paid emails

This option is also similar to the above types of earnings.

The only difference is only by the fact that you are informed about each new letter by e-mail specified by you during registration.

But this type of income brings more profitable income, because. the amount of reward for one viewed letter is several times more expensive than

Surfing or Clicks.

Performing paid tasks

This the most profitable type of income, because the cost of the task reaches ten dollars for one execution.

But do not think that you will receive this money for viewing any of the advertising sites of the above.

Here you will have to work hard, namely, to complete the tasks such sections as: register on the project, leave a comment, write an article.

Questions with payment

Here you will need to answer the questions asked.


Most often of this nature: insert the phrase into the search engine, find the site, go to it, and find the answer to the question on the page.

For example, a word or a number shown in the picture.

The cost of a question is from 0.07 rubles for a correct answer.

If you answer incorrectly, i.e. if you cunningly answer without fulfilling the conditions, you will certainly receive a fine for the same cost of this question.

The total amount of money earned can be both high and scanty.

After all, it all depends on your ability to qualitatively approach any type of earnings on the Internet.

You can withdraw honestly earned funds to electronic payment systems. The minimum withdrawal amount varies from 5 to 100 rubles, depending on the payment system.

If you invite your friends, relatives, colleagues to the project, you will receive a pleasant reward from the administration up to 60% for any completed by them action.

There are 3 levels of referral system. For example, you referred a friend, and a friend referred a colleague, and a colleague referred a neighbor, then you will receive income from all of them.

This type of income is suitable for beginners inexperienced people who are looking for profitable earnings on the Internet.

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