Business idea: self-service garage

Business idea: self-service garage

In the context of a rapidly developing car market, it is quite natural that every second capable city dweller has a personal car. However, not everyone has a repair place for their car. In the conditions of today’s metropolis, car owners sometimes simply do not have enough parking spaces, not to mention a dedicated repair site equipped with at least the necessary minimum for maintenance and minor repairs.

Cons of car services.

Car services, at first glance, they solve this problem by offering a wide range of auto repair and maintenance services, but they have a number of disadvantages:

1. The incompetence of auto mechanics and craftsmen is a phenomenon that is widespread everywhere, and the high price status and wide popularity of a car service by no means guarantee the qualifications of its employees. As a result, the quality of the repairs performed is low.

2. The impossibility of visual control over the repair: in many car services, a ban on the presence of the car owner in the repair box is common, although this raises a lot of questions about its legality;

3. Service queues;

4. Significant overestimation of the cost of the services provided.

Unfortunately, it is also not uncommon to replace spare parts and consumables with unsuitable ones, with the appropriation and subsequent resale of new auto parts and consumables ordered by the car owner.

Self-service garage is a great way out for car owners who are quite well versed in the device and the principles of operation of the car, and are able to independently maintain and repair their car. In addition, there are a number of fairly simple manipulations that any male car owner is able to perform on their own, spending a minimum of time on them, while being absolutely sure of the quality of the work performed.

The advantages of a self-service garage.

Only the lack of an equipped repair place forces such car owners to go to a car service and spend time waiting in line, for example, when changing tires seasonally. In a car service, the cost of tire fitting starts from 1000 rubles.

In a self-service garage with hourly pay (approximately 500 rubles per hour), this can be done in relatively comfortable conditions, in a warm room (which is especially valuable in winter). In addition, there is always the opportunity to cooperate with one of the familiar car owners, and for one paid hour, “change shoes” not one, but two or three cars. Thus, the costs are reduced by an order of magnitude.

Some, essentially simple, repairs require positive temperatures: for example, in winter on the street, or in an unheated garage, it is quite problematic to change a flexible fuel hose. Rubber under the influence of negative temperature loses its flexibility, which prevents its high-quality fixing, and provokes the appearance of microcracks.

The advantages of self-service garages over car services for the above category of car owners are obvious:

1. Convenience.
For a relatively small hourly payment, the car owner receives a dedicated repair place in a heated room, with a pit or car lift, and a set of all necessary tools.

2. Substantial money savings. If maintenance or repair is necessary, there is no need to overpay the car service for simple repairs.

3. No need to adjust to an appointment at car services, and waste time waiting in line, especially during the seasonal rush of rubber replacement.

Benefits for the business owner.

One of the advantages is the relatively low monthly rent. On average, the rent for a garage in Moscow and the region ranges from 10 to 18 thousand rubles, depending on the location. If you take the average value and divide by 30 calendar days, you get 500 rubles per day. With a 24-hour hourly garage rental, the monthly rental costs will pay off many times faster, and profits will increase accordingly. And if the garage is owned, this expense item disappears automatically, the entrepreneur immediately starts working for profit.
If there is free space (for example, a garage for two cars) and an additional budget, it is possible to equip not one, but two and more repair sites and equipping them with additional equipment and tools.

Possible risks.
Like any business project, this idea also has its own number of vulnerabilities:
1. Low or no payback. This may be due to the wrong choice of a place for a self-service garage, or insufficient information support for a business project, as well as the presence of budget-level car services nearby;
2. Additional costs for the purchase of instruments to replace damaged or stolen ones.
3. The occurrence of emergency situations: injuries to car owners during repair work, the risk of fire during welding, etc.

Minimizing risks.

Any business functions subject to both general rules governing conducting private business activities, both prescribed in the legislation and the conditions specific to each individual type of small business.

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This business idea is no exception. Mandatory conditions, on the fulfillment of which the profitability and security of this business depend:
1. The location of the garage is within reach, optimally:
• in densely built-up areas,
• away from garage cooperatives, which often operate handicraft car services with low prices,
• not far from the roadway;
2 . Availability of connection to the mains and serviceable electrical wiring;
3. Information support of the business project;
4. The need for a permanent presence in the garage of the owner of the business, or an employee hired by him, is advisable for a number of reasons:
• Prevention of theft of tools, as well as control over the proper use of tools and equipment, to prevent their breakage.
• Control of compliance safety regulations during repair work, including fire safety;
• assistance to car owners with insufficient skills in using one or another tool, equipment;
• the possibility of providing an additional paid service to the client, if necessary, urgently go to the store auto parts for the needed spare part, or consumables, when the car can no longer be used.
5. Mandatory presence in the garage of the necessary tools and equipment. In case of non-compliance with this rule, the car owner may demand a refund for the rental on a completely legal basis, if the availability of the tool necessary for repair work is initially implied.

In conclusion, it remains to be said that this business idea can bring a stable and a decent income, if we take into account the desire of most car owners to minimize the cost of repairing and maintaining their cars.

An example is self-service car washes, which are very popular and have already firmly occupied their niche in the service sector.