Business for the poor: business ideas without investment

Many people wonder how to start their own business with good income.

When it comes to investments, each business requires both large and not a big investment. And to get started, you need to find ideas and start small. And over time it will be possible to open a large one.


Creating your own personal blog

In social networks, you can create several pages (personal stores, a page for selling likes , tweets). Invest some money there (approximately 500-800 rubles – 200-400 UAH), blog, collect subscribers, sell goods. Then one of these pages can be sold for a decent amount of money.

Бизнес для бедных
Woman working at a bakery wearing a facemask to avoid the coronavirus. COVID-19 lifestyle concepts. Day in the life of owners of bakery shop with the protocol against the Covid-19 in place.

Selling Chinese goods

Considered very profitable, and which brings quite still a good income. The essence of this is that Chinese goods are sold at low prices, and you can make a good cheat on them from about 50% to 250%.


It may not require investments , since products can be sold without having them in stock. They can be sold directly through the supplier, who forwards the order directly to the customer. To get started, you need to create websites, groups in social networks, display products from the manufacturer with an extra charge, receive orders and send them. Then you will need to send money to the supplier for the goods at its price, and as a result receive income from the margin.

The idea of ​​organizing holidays

The essence of it is that you need to offer customers services for organizing holidays at a certain price. For example: organization (musical accompaniment, decoration of halls) of a wedding celebration, birthday, and so on. It is not necessary to have an office. To realize this idea, you need to organize a group, which will include a DJ, a photographer, a florist and a photographer. The profits will accordingly be unequal, but good.

Manufacture of furniture for pets

The essence of this is that the manufacturer himself must make an analysis of the market for pet furniture, and produce those models that are considered the most popular. You can sell them in the most convenient ways. But you can also take individual orders for furniture, the cost of which will be much higher. To create such a business, you need to issue an IP, then stock up on materials and tools that quickly pay off in the fall. Conducting an advertising campaign will be very helpful.

An idea for breeding and selling animals

It is recommended that you first consult with your veterinarian about popular problems that may arise in breeding animals. After that, you need to decide which animals are best to breed in order to get a good profit from sales. It can be thoroughbred dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits. Over time, it will be possible to open a personal pet store store by issuing important documents.

Providing makeup, makeup and hair services

The bottom line is that after completing special courses, the specialist provides make-up, makeup and hair services to anyone who wishes. These services are always in great demand, because every caring girl wants to always be beautiful all the time. In order to realize this idea, you need to become an individual entrepreneur and draw up documents. Then you can work both at home and rent a room, buy tools and materials, and then start looking for clients. Of course, there will be more clients in the summer, because there are many weddings and graduations in the summer.


The bottom line: if you have the talent and the necessary equipment, then you can do photo sessions. To get started, you need to issue an IP, then purchase the necessary equipment, create a portfolio, make an advertisement and find a clientele. At first, the profit may be unstable, but after the circle of clients is larger, then the income will be correspondingly large.

Opening your own atelier

Understanding fashion, sewing and cutting, then this option business is recommended. First you need to rent a room, hire a seamstress, buy equipment and fabrics. You can advertise the studio in social networks, newspapers, magazines, etc. Today, such studios are very popular and successful. Six months later, you can recoup all the investments and reach a good profit.

Open a furniture mini-salon

This option is ideal for men who have skills in working with wood. You can make wooden products both for orders and for sale. Payment for such goods is quite high. Such a business practically does not require investments, not counting advertising and raw materials. Over time, it will be possible to open a small furniture factory.

Open a home confectionery

This option is very promising, but not everyone can deal with it. It consists in the preparation of confectionery products to order. You can offer your products through social networks. The profit from such a business is very good, since the margin on such products is from 75 to 100%.

Granola production idea

Because in today’s time a healthy lifestyle is very valuable. Healthy food fans are looking for healthy and tasty products, which includes granola. Special skills or equipment are not required for this. And it does not require huge investments. You just need to buy all the ingredients and packaging. To disseminate information, it is recommended to create groups in social networks.

The business idea for organizing non-standard tours

It consists in the fact that if a person has organizational skills, then he can easily organize non-standard tourist tours and then offer them to customers. To work, you will need to rent a room, become an IT. Employees can be hired upon request. Earnings at first may be unstable, but over time it will increase several times.

Business idea for selling goods on Avito

Where you can sell a variety of things that are posted in ads on Avito .RU. Such an idea can be both with investments and without them. This business is suitable even for beginners. For starters, you can try to sell a couple of your own things. Profits will depend on sales.

Appliance repair business idea

The bottom line: if a person can repair any household appliance, then he can offer such services to customers. And for some money you can go to offices, at home and troubleshoot equipment. To do this, have all the necessary tools with you and submit ads, business cards and issue an IP. If you have a good reputation, there will be a great profit.

Opening a photo studio

The essence of a business idea: a person who loves and can take beautiful pictures, knows how to edit photos, then opening a photo studio is a great option for making money. Everyone knows that a lot of documents require a photo, and people turn to photo studios for this, which is the main part of the profit. To open a photo studio, you need to register as an individual entrepreneur, rent a room, preferably where there are more people, buy equipment, hire staff if possible.

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