Crayfish breeding. small business idea

In industrial crayfish farming, there are two main branches: pond and factory. From the point of view of profitability, the first option is more preferable.

The process of breeding crayfish is quite laborious and specific. For novice entrepreneurs who do not have experience, it is more expedient to start by growing underyearlings. Having established a sales market, this method brings significant profit.

The basis for breeding crayfish are females, with caviar placed on legs. Their preparation and transportation to the farm should be given special attention. For the planned output of live products weighing 1 ton, about 600 such females will be required. Often they are specially caught in natural reservoirs. On the farm itself, the final cycle of incubation of eggs, located on pleopods, is carried out. For this purpose, small pools and ponds are made.

At this stage, the main attention should be paid to aeration and water temperature. The oxygen balance must be maintained at the level of 5-7 mg per liter of water, and hydrogen 7-9 mg. When calculating water exchange, the indicators should be approximately 500l per 1 ha.

It will also not be superfluous to study the presence of natural food in the reservoir: weed fish, worms, plankton. Their presence will help reduce the cost of feeding and increase the profitability of the entire process.

Crayfish of producers are kept in reservoirs with an area of ​​0.1 ha and a depth of 1-1.5 m. The maximum allowable planting density is 5 pcs per sq.m. It is better to reduce this figure to 2-4 pieces. Feeding is done with raw or boiled fish, meat waste, vegetables or shellfish. Feed is calculated at approximately 2% of the cancer’s body weight.

In order to completely eat the food, wooden trays 40×40 cm are installed at the bottom of the reservoir. Food is laid out on them, this makes it accessible and does not allow it to go into the silt or under the stones. The larvae appear in the pond in May-June. After the second molt, crayfish that have not reached adult size are transplanted into the mother pond. And the larvae, if the requirements for wintering are met, grow immediately to the size of underyearlings (7-10 grams). One year old crayfish is the time to place in feeding ponds, and it is better to reduce the density. At the end of the second-beginning of the third year, crayfish weigh 40-50 grams, with a body length of 9-10 cm.

The notorious way to get crayfish is the factory method. The original methods of breeding and growing crayfish in the factory were developed back in the USSR in the 60s. Currently, the technology is being actively improved. Let’s conditionally write the whole cycle into several stages: Work with the broodstock (formation, reproduction and maintenance); incubation of eggs and rearing of larvae; rearing of young animals to marketable sizes.

Initially, crayfish are caught in natural conditions, followed by placement in a factory farm. The process is carried out in three stages: summer fattening, the breeding process itself and wintering. At the first stage, sexual separation and separate maintenance are necessary. When kept in such conditions, crayfish must be able to build shelters and observe the feeding regimen. Continue reading in the next article.

In September, the formation of a broodstock family begins. The family includes one male and two females .. But this is only for the period of wintering, after which the females are transplanted into an individual incubator. You can also independently collect eggs from females and incubate them. In this case, the temperature should be 19-21 degrees, with a water exchange rate of at least 2 liters per minute.

There are cells in the apparatus in which newly hatched larvae live until the first molt. After that, the crustaceans begin to master independent movement and gather in larval collectors. After that, the number of individuals is taken into account, and then they are placed in pre-prepared containers, in which, with proper feeding, they reach the size necessary for independent life. Each healthy female brings an average of 170-180 marketable crayfish.

Under natural conditions, crayfish at any period of their life feed not only on animal feed, but also on vegetable feed. For artificially kept crayfish, specialists have developed types of food containing all the necessary components. Up to 50% minced fish is added to the ready mixtures, as well as chalk, which is necessary to create the correct shell.

Creating a favorable climate that guarantees correct and timely molting is a vital condition.

When kept in pond and just feeding, 30-50 kg of marketable cancer can be grown from 1 ha of a reservoir. And with constant feeding in special feeders from 40 to 50 kg. Placement occurs at 1 cancer per square. m.

When keeping crayfish at home in aquariums, the turnover will be somewhat lower.

The main problem with keeping crayfish is cannibalism, which is almost impossible to fight.

Разведение раков. Идея малого бизнеса

To get 3-4 centners of finished products, you must have at least 4 ponds, fully equipped.

It is considered an axiom that where crayfish live, the water is clean. This suggests that their meat is tastier and more environmentally friendly than other river dwellers.

Most of the water bodies of the Russian Federation are suitable for breeding and keeping crayfish, so the initial investment can be recouped in the first year. In all subsequent years, a broodstock should be formed by selection.

At the Institute of Fisheries of Russia, you can get advice on breeding, keeping and growing crayfish. A natural growth retardant for crayfish is hibernation. Here, the southern regions can compete seriously, because larger individuals are more valuable.

By species, crayfish are divided into lake and river ones. In central Russia, crayfish are smaller. Industrial interest is shown by arthropods called blue crayfish. It grows to a respectable size in the northern latitudes. Also, this type is in demand abroad. Therefore, as a breeding object, this species is more profitable.

To start a crayfish breeding business, you must own a suitable reservoir. If there are no natural crayfish in the pond, it is not difficult to put them there. It is possible to avoid cannibalism in such conditions with the help of regular proper feeding. Also be sure to check the pond (if it is natural) for natural enemies. These include fish: pike perch, pike, catfish and others. We will cover this topic in more detail in a separate article.

Common earthworms are suitable and inexpensive food. They are easy to breed or can be bought inexpensively. This type of top dressing is environmentally friendly, therefore it does not harm the reservoir. This is enough to get the first decent profits. At this stage, it makes sense to catch some individuals for sale.

This algorithm is not new, but few people are interested in it. Therefore, the niche is not completely occupied and it makes sense to find your place in it. The evolution of the business is to place large pools or aquariums in a heated room. Oxygen is constantly aerated in the tanks, and the bottom is covered with river sand. It is also necessary to equip the bottom so that animals can organize holes for themselves. For these purposes, a brick containing cavities is suitable. The number of aquariums is calculated from the desired volume of products received.

In addition to worms, crayfish can be fed with bloodworms. A good addition would be regular porridge. Fatty foods should be avoided. Water purification equipment will be required.

These features help to avoid falling into hibernation. This speeds up growth. Under natural conditions, crayfish molt once a year. When kept in aquariums, this happens every 2-3 months.

In such conditions, in a year the crayfish acquires a marketable size, and after a couple of molts it turns blue. Under the natural conditions of the northern data strip, the effect is not achieved.

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