10 earning sites that pay in dollars

Internet earning experts advise beginners to earn currency in dollars on the Internet. Naturally, many people understand this, since the ruble is not a stable currency, which is gradually depreciating, and people are losing money. Therefore, it is reasonable to earn, and even more so to save money, it is better in dollars – this is not even discussed. Find out where and on which sites you can earn dollars from the article.

10 proven projects for making money online

1.The first site is the famous Seosprint

And so, what we are doing here is, first of all, we register, get into our academic record and press the earning option in the menu. A new window opens and in the menu we see that the system offers several types of earnings: traditional surfing sites, the presence of quests and a large list of tasks. It is on the completion of tasks that the main income is based.

1). You won’t earn much on surfing, because they pay a little for it and the links themselves are not enough to view, and the cost of one view is very low, about $ 0.002. So for viewing all the links, at best, you can earn 6 cents.

2). Quests bring a little more income, but there are not enough of them, so the earnings are not big per day – 12 cents. This suggests that you won’t earn much from them either.

3). The most profitable way to earn money is to work on paid assignments. There are a lot of them on the site and they all differ in price and complexity of implementation. True, this is not always the case, there are cases when you can earn about 3 – 4 dollars for three hours for completing tasks.

Another way to make money on this site, which people who know how to invite can use, is a referral program. The method is good because it allows you to earn, as they say on autopilot. To do this, go to the section where the referral link associated with the participant’s login is located. Further, we copy and advertise it in all available ways. People who go to the site through this link become referrals. They will be a small source of income.

10 сайтов для заработка, которые платят в долларах

What is the essence of income. Referrals who will work on the site and earn something, the system, focusing on their earnings, will deduct some percentage of the fee to the referrer. But, the money for this comes from the income of the site. You can withdraw money to any wallet, the easiest way is to Payer, you can also use Webmoney.

2. The second no less famous site is Wmmail

The project is identical to the site Seosprint, also a cool resource where you can make good money. This is the most respected site for making money on the Internet, it was posted on the Internet in 2004, that is, in this 2021 it will turn 17 years old. The site is still working successfully, is popular and regularly pays. Registration is standard. Upon authorization, we get into our office. In the menu we see four ways to earn money:

• classic letters with encrypted advertising;

• traditional surfing;

• tasks of varying complexity and cost;

• earnings on telegram.

Earnings on completing tasks is the most profitable category. Moreover, there are a lot of tasks, they differ in complexity of execution and cost. Naturally expensive tasks require more time. It should be noted that all tasks are doable. It’s just that 3 minutes is enough to think about some tasks, and 10 minutes to think about others. Practitioners believe that it is better to spend a little more time and complete one difficult task and earn five dollars than to sit down on penny tasks and waste a lot of time earning one dollar.

Basically there are many expensive tasks on the site and virtuosos of books earn from ten to fifteen dollars a day.

There is another type of income – this is earnings on a referral program. The method is classic: you advertise your referral link, and the person who clicks on it will bring you ten percent of the income from the system.

3. Advego is an exchange for content and earnings on tasks

How to make money on Advego, what options are there for making money and how to withdraw money. In fact, this resource is more suitable for copywriters, they sell their articles here. If your income is writing articles for sale, then this exchange is the best in this category.

But many users here make money by completing tasks. There are a lot of them, and of varying complexity. There are very simple tasks – go to Facebook and click on the “like” mark or go to Youtube, find the video, view it and leave a comment.

биржа заработка на заданиях

Yes tasks of medium difficulty, for example, register on the site and click on an advertisement. There are tasks more difficult, with a higher cost for completing. Most importantly, the site pays. Withdrawal of earnings to electronic wallets.

4. Likesrokc is a very task-rich advertising project

In addition to advertising functions, it has an exchange for selling currency. There are a lot of tasks, for every taste. The project works with euro. Withdrawal of funds to WebMoney wallet. But, there is a small fly in the ointment – the minimum wage is three hundred euros. The amount, of course, is rather big, but this is not the main thing. The advantage of the project is that it provides an opportunity to earn money.

5. BEST CHANGE – earnings on an affiliate program

This is a site where currency exchange is carried out, and you can earn passively on this, attracting people who need to exchange money.

заработок на партнёрке

That is, they will exchange one currency for another and for following the user’s affiliate link, he will be credited with money.

For example, for one transition, the system pays 4 cents, if the client returns after 7 days and uses the exchanger again, the system charges two cents to the partner, and so on.

Payouts are stable, transactions are processed manually.

This is a top exchanger. You can exchange absolutely any currency. That is, any money can be transferred from one wallet to any other wallet. You can buy bitcoin, you can sell it, and so on. A very profitable project, only positive reviews.

6. Surfe.be is a young profitable project

To work on this site, you need to install the extension from the Serfe.be website in your browser. And earn passively. How to make money here. To get started, you need to register. In your personal account, click the extension option, select your browser from the list, for example, Google Chrome. As soon as you click the “install” button, the extension is installed immediately. It works passively, that is, when the computer is running, unobtrusive advertising appears somewhere in the corner or at the very bottom of the screen. The system charges money for this.

In addition to passive income, you can earn actively. To do this, go to your account, click the “user” option and complete the tasks.

заработок 1 доллар в час

The site pays neatly, with a minimum withdrawal of 3 cents. Therefore, each user can easily test the project and immediately withdraw money.

7. Vipip is a reliable project for making money without investments

Paying in foreign currency. How to work here to make money successfully. We authorize on the site, go to the account, click on the “earn” option. There are different types of earnings in the menu list. The system offers a large list of jobs, doing which you can get a good income.

There is a program for making money with integrated auto surfing.

This means that you can install the program, run it and earn money on autosurfing. That is, sites will be viewed automatically.

Next, you can install a browser plugin and earn passively, as in the Serfe.be project. More recently, the telegram.bot function has been added. Using it, you can go to the telegram bot and complete tasks there. As you can see, this is a multifunctional site and everyone here will find a job to their liking.

For beginners, there are social networking options: surfing, mailings, tasks, that is, you can earn money in different ways, there will be enough work for the whole day. The project regularly pays, reviews are only positive. The minimum withdrawal amount is only ten cents. So, each user can test the project, earn the minimum wage and check the withdrawal of funds.

8. Vickers is a foreign site mastered by our users

American-made project, successful and profitable for beginners who are just starting to earn money on foreign books.

зарабатывать на американских сайтах

Experienced users recommend American sites for making money, because decent money is earned on them.

As you know, incomes and salaries abroad are much higher than ours, respectively, and making money on American sites is much more profitable.

Of course, there are pluses and minuses in making money on these sites, but there are more pluses. Vickers is one of the most popular foreign axle boxes. Imagine how many years it has been working properly and provides ample opportunities for users to earn money. Working on this axle box is similar to working on our axle boxes. Here they also earn money by viewing ads and advertisements, participating in the lottery, completing tasks, renting referrals. There are more than ten different types of earnings in total.

And, the very first one is viewing ads. What could be easier in order to earn some money, of course, as in any box, is to complete simple tasks. Earnings here are an order of magnitude higher than in our ordinary boxes. The minimum wage is one and a half dollars for the first withdrawal, and $3 starting from the next time. The amount accumulates quickly, the site pays out steadily and constantly, so for beginners and those who have not yet made money on the Internet, this is the best option.

9. Shutterstock is the breadwinner of photographers and designers

A well-known English photostock that sells images, but not only photos but also videos, music, templates, 3d models and much more, but images dominate here. Therefore, it is quite profitable to sell them on this site, since the photostock has highly profitable earning conditions.

True, in order to register here and earn money, you need to pass a small exam – present at least one photo for verification. To get started, you need to get the approval of the inspector.

The downside of this site is that the photos go through a rather long moderation when posted, so you definitely shouldn’t expect to earn money in the first days.

But if you can upload at least a thousand photos to the site, and it’s not so easy, but not so unrealistically difficult, then you can get a good passive income.

10. Squadhelp is an interesting site to make money

Just by coming up with different names, you can get $500 in royalties. This site allows the advertiser to interact with the performer. That is, you need to come up with names for companies for money. Everything is very simple. You register on the site, then see what contests there are.

Let’s say a company that makes, for example, mugs, wants to be given a nice name, and an interesting website name or slogan, and gives about $100 for it.

You need to respond to this application and come up with a slogan for this company. If your choice of company name wins, then you get one hundred or five hundred dollars.


As you can see, it is possible to earn dollars on the Internet. And the ways to earn money are very simple. But, having created a reserve, you can move on to making money on investments.

заработать доллары в интернете

Many people save ruble currency, although this is patriotic, it can also be unprofitable. Therefore, financiers are advised to earn and save money in several currencies.

On English-language sites, the cost of work is at least two to three times higher than in Runet. In addition, their population is more willing to make purchases than our compatriots.

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