How to create a mind map?

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Mind maps or mind maps are a method of visualizing the thought process, somewhat reminiscent of the emergence and development of ideas in the human brain. Our thoughts are born inhomogeneously, one thought can create others, smaller, related to one topic. So the main idea branches into several large ones, which are then concretized into smaller ones. Our brain can generate ideas endlessly, but the connections between them are often not captured by thinking.

If you write down all your thoughts on a piece of paper, indicate the relationship with the help of graphic elements – circles and arrows, you will get the same mind map. Visualization of thinking processes helps to put things in order in the head, better understand the problem, remember information faster and take action.

Who can the mind map help?

Schoolchildren and students to prepare for the exam and writing theses, managers and entrepreneurs to create order in work processes and in general to people who are interested in methods for self-development.

How to make a mind map?

You can draw a smart map both by hand in a notebook and in special online services. The main thing is to remember the method of creating the map, but how you implement it does not matter.

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Map center

The work on the project begins with the main idea, which must be placed in the center of the map. For example, if you want to achieve a certain career goal, then in the center of the card you will write “ways to achieve career growth.”

First level

It is important here to indicate the key categories associated with the central idea. As a rule, they have short titles and help build subsequent thoughts. For example, ways to achieve career growth: training → overfulfillment of the work plan → talking with management → looking for a new job, etc.

Second level

At this level, ideas for each category that we have described above begin to be generated. They should be short and consist of a couple of words. It can be explanatory conclusions or new ideas. If the map is small and contains only two levels, then you can indicate key suggestions or options for getting out of the situation.

Example: training → advanced training; overfulfillment of the work plan → close 2 times more deals; looking for a new job → explore the job market, etc.

Third and other levels

Each next level is a detailing of previous ideas, here you can describe the category in detail or indicate a step-by-step action plan. If the description is too large and cannot be quickly read from the map, then write the text on the sticker and attach it to the desired category. It is important that the map is visual and readable. If necessary, you can create an additional map explaining certain categories.

After the idea is fully approved, it is necessary to develop an implementation plan and organize the work process. The free online course “Planning and Organizing” will help you with this. You will learn how to correctly allocate time and resources in order to achieve your goal faster.